Tricks For Truing Lumber Without A Jointer

Kethrin David
Nov 10 · 2 min read

Makita 2012 NB Twelve Inch Planer is equipped with a 120-volt 15-amp motor that offers a maximum of 8500 RPMs. This gives you the power you need to work with both soft and hard woods to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It also includes a four post design with diagonal cross supports for maximum stability. This bench top planer is built to last and support even the heaviest and roughest pieces of wood. Its compact design also significantly reduced its weight compared to traditional bench top planers making it easy to transport and adjust whenever necessary. You will also notice its low noise feature for a quiet and efficient performance as well as an optional dust hood to enable dust collection systems to be added to your machine. This bench top planer includes an easy blade change mechanism good hand planers for woodworking make switching out and replacing blades safe and easy. Planers are specifically designed to help you trim slivers off the surface of the material you’re working on. However, they’re not the ideal tools to use for every type of material as using them on rubber, plastic or metal can cause the blades to dull and break, they are ideally created to be used on wood.When choosing between a manual and an electric hand planer, remember that both are designed for the same purpose, but an electric model is more difficult to control without enough experience. Some of the most important benefits of a hand planer to consider include:

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It features a large table extensions and can tackle wood as wide as 12 inches and up to 6 3/32 inches in thickness. This unit caters to larger and heavier wood pieces to increase the variety of projects you can perform. It features a built in LED light that indicates when the tool is plugged in so you can always be aware if your machine is on or off. This planer also has double edge planer blades which will create a smoother and more efficient cut as boards are fed through. It has full depth adjustment settings that will allow you to precisely determine the width you desire. VonHaus 7.5A Planer Make light work of fixing doors, fitting wood and correcting splinters, chips and misshapen edges with the VonHaus Electric Hand Planer. Extremely powerful, this 7.5 Amp Hand Planer is capable of delivering an impressive 33,000 cuts per minute with a cutting width of 3 ¼ inches and a planing capacity of between 0” — 1/16”. Key Features The planer benefits from: Adjustable base plate with three chamfering grooves for cutting a 45° angle along a corner. Guide fence for maintaining a straight cut Rabbet depth guide for door and window jambs Left/ right dust extraction plus detachable dust bag which attaches to the port to minimise mess. Depth adjustment dial. Add a drum speed of 16,000rpm into the mix, and you can achieve an even, professional finish every time.

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