Online Social Media Jobs That Pay $25 — $50 Per Hour. No Experience Required. Work At Home!

All of the jobs are very simple, but just to make sure that you don’t get stuck I’ve put together detailed training for every step. We have a database of hundreds of Facebook,Instagram, Twitter and YouTube jobs that is updated daily with fresh high paying jobs that ANYONE can do, no matter what your age, gender or where you live.

We really believe in giving back in life to life so the only thing I ask of you is that once you start making money with social media jobs that you “pass it on” and help someone else start doing the same.

You just have to copy and paste those answers while replying to their comments.And the best thing is that you don’t need anything more than a reliable internet connection and a smartphone. Hit this black line to apply. With the job below, earning money by posting YouTube comments is a simple four-step process:

It takes about 2 minutes and you can make $200 per day doing this.

Here’s the job details…

Job title: Earn $280 per day posting YouTube comments for small companies

Job description: We have 5 small online companies looking to bolster their presence on YouTube. To do this they want to employ several remote workers to copy and paste comments on to their YouTube videos to try and promote discussion and increase the view count of their content. This is very straight-forward work, which you’ll be able to do whilst watching TV, listening to podcasts or the radio. If you’re looking for difficult, challenging work, this probably isn’t the job for you.

Pay: $280 per day

Location: This is remote work you can do from anywhere, so we’re looking for people from [ ANY COUNTRY] (though you will need to be English speaking).

Requirements: You need a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop and an internet connection. The hours are flexible — you can choose between 2–8 hours per day.Experience necessary: If you’ve never commented on a YouTube video before, it’s very easy — especially as you’ll be provided with the comment to post. As I say, posting each comment can take as little as 2 minutes. And we’ll provide you with optional basic training in case you feel you need some additional support.

Do you have Instagram installed on your phone? Or, if you don’t, are you willing to install it? Because that’s all you need to qualify for today’s job position. We’re looking for six remote workers to help small businesses post content to their Instagram accounts. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, read on for the entire job spec…

Job title: Receive extra paychecks for helping small companies upload content to their Instagram accounts.

Job description: More than 1 billion people now use Instagram, and this traffic generates millions in annual advertising revenue for small companies. Many of these small companies are doing so well that they’re looking for remote workers to take the ‘easy’ work off their hands — like posting photos and video content to their Instagram accounts. That’s what today’s available positions are all about. You don’t need to be an Instagram ‘influencer’ with thousands of followers; you need to take the content these companies send you and post it onto their accounts. It’s not the most exciting work, but it’s accessible, remote, and pays well!

Pay: $800 per week (can work out at $50 per post)

Location: This is remote work. You’ll receive the content to upload via email and then upload via your smartphone or tablet. So, you can do this work anywhere in the world. You will need to be English-speaking to communicate with your employers, though.

Requirements: This is remote work, so a phone or tablet and internet connection are the main requirements. Then you’ll need 28 hours a week to dedicate to the job. That’s an average of 4 hours a day. But the hours are flexible so that you can do more on one day and less on another. It’s up to you.

Necessary Experience: You’ll need to know how to navigate social media and communicate via email. But this is a remote entry position, so we’ll provide you with all the necessary online training you need to perform this job to the best of your ability. Just make sure you bring bags of enthusiasm with you! Whether you’re on Instagram for hours every day or you’ve just heard other people talking about it, this job could add an extra $800 to your take-home every week. All you need to do to qualify is download the app. Got that covered? Then click the button below and apply for one of the six available positions.

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