The Modern Form of Online Learning — Keton University

The diversity and uniqueness of the universities providing higher education is prominently reflected through their intention of providing credited hours against the courses that is been taken in an online university. Now a days almost every university or institute is providing online education to some extent. Universities around the globe are utilize advance technology to make a proper mechanism for online education. Which enable them to spread the light of education to every darker corner of the world. This happens in Keton University and almost all traditional universities that teacher are recording their lectures, uploading them on the website or portal of the university and providing access to the students, where they can easily access the lectures anytime free of cost and in some cases also granting free public access. Teachers are now asking their students to submit their class assignment or any other form of homework on online portal.

Keton University, incorporated a new educational system to share learning content online, where teacher and students can access material related to the programs and course. The best thing is that the entire content library can be access through the university’s website, which means that if you want to access any material related to university you can do it from anywhere the only thing that matters is an internet connection. This changing trend is providing an essence of online education into our traditional form of learning and traditional institutes are becoming online.

Online education has become a vast field, however there are some difference that can be seen in the approaches of traditional university and an online university like Keton Univeristy. Traditional universities focused on interactive based leaning that includes physical interaction of students in a classroom while online universities emphasizes on pure online learning system. Online university let the students to decide the pace of their degree program but students of traditional universities can not avail this opportunity.

Keton University has not only provided its student the flexibility to complete the degree program without any personal face to face interaction with the lecturer or the teacher but also improving the standards and quality of online education. Having no face to face interaction does not means that the teacher is also not going to provide the answer to the questions or not going to resolve the queries of the students, students can ask any question related to the lectures and courses anytime through university’s online portal system and the teacher respond with the solution to the query as soon as possible. The university representative are also present 24/7 to facilitate the students.

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