7 Tips and Tricks Advanced Application Whatsapp 2018

7 Tips and Tricks Advanced Application Whatsapp 2018

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp is very diligent in presenting a variety of new features to enrich the user. Unfortunately, there are still many who do not know or are not yet using the latest features WhatsApp 2018. In fact, you can wear it to make it easier in many ways. Whom to chat more fun, maintain privacy, reduce data consumption, and much more. The following 7 features and tips WhatsApp 2018 that certainly nothing not know or have not been used.

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1. Know Message Reader
In that group, sometimes there are some friends who only read the messages without reply. When for example we want to ask you something important and need the opinion of the members of the group. Well, we can see anyone who has read our message, lo. You do this by long-pressing the message that we send, and then click on the info symbol the letter i. From there it will be visible to anyone who is already and not yet read.

2. Delete Messages Greetings Send
Sometimes we sent the wrong message. The message that should be sent to the family group instead sent to a group class. Perhaps we will feel shame, especially if the contents of the message it is private. Now don’t need to be afraid of us again, friends. Whatsapp 2018 is already providing the features eraser message. You do this by long-pressing the message and then click the delete menu with the symbol of the trash.

3. Turn Off Group Notifications
For friends who have a lot of Whatsapp 2018 groups in the phone, will sometimes feel annoyed with the notifications for incoming messages in the group. If you do not want to be bothered or are to worship. If you feel the group is not too important to always be seen, friends can turn off group notifications, lo. The trick is to long press the group who will be turned off notification, then select a symbol display speakers that are crossed out. We can also set how long the notification group that is off, could be 8 hours, 1 week, or even 1 year.

4. Mark The Message As Important
There comes a time we discuss serious things in the group, but there’s also a time when we’re joking. Well, that book is a serious and important do not overlap with the chat not important and finally disappear, we can mark the message as important. You do this by long-pressing the message and click the symbol in the shape of stars. An important message that will be stored in the list of important messages in the info menu group.

5. Search For Messages
When we for example are discussing the birthday cake, we remember in a group that’s also been discussed about the cake shop. Well, we don’t need to bother to scroll to the top to find a message about a cake shop that, lo. Whatsapp provides a feature search or the search to help us find him. The trick is to click the menu have symbols three dots in the top right of the group, and then select the search menu. Enter a keyword to search, for example “bakery”. After that, Whatsapp will display a message-a message that in it there is the word “cake shop”.

6. Mention A Friend
In the Whatsapp 2018 group that has many members, sometimes we just want to ask something to some friends. Well, we can type a message that mentions our friend. For example they go to school together with 3 classmates that his house is adjacent. Then we can mention the name of that friend by using the @ followed by his name. They mention also will receive notifications even when they turn off the notifications for that group.

7. Reply To A Message Directly
Sometimes the conversation in the group was too crowded so we become confused, the message was to answer the question where. Well, that does not make other people confused, we can reply with how to quote that message. Long press the message you want to reply to, then click the symbol of the illustrated arrow. That message will appear at the top of the column where we type the message.
The 7 tips and tricks of using Whatsapp 2018 groups to more easily. Good luck!

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