Beware Fraud “New Color for WhatsApp 2018” to Make Android the Flood of Ads

Beware Fraud “New Color for WhatsApp 2018” to Make Android the Flood of Ads

Whatsapp 2018 | After preoccupied with WannaCry, Internet users, especially smartphone users, again attacked by the scam through the application WhatsApp. The fraud was designed in such a way with the appearance of the design is interesting and convincing, as if from Whatsapp, which offers features use the new color to the application Whatsapp.

The message given using a shortener link/URL shortener Go Daddy with address That URL leads to a site As usual, access will then be given beautiful promises, where the terms to access these new features only need to invite 10 contacts WhatsApp, or 5 group Whatsapp conversations.

If it is done, then the led flood scam New Colors for Whatsapp 2018.

The impact of the recipient of this scam can be mild like receiving ads installation app Fast Cleaner until the application is Opera Mini, it is rather threatening as notification smartphone application is in danger and directed to install the advertised app to very dangerous such as the appearance of adult ads with pornographic content.

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Observers of cyber security Alfons Tanujaya which is at once the founder of Vaksincom advises users WhatsApp to do not click on the scam that is circulating and for those of You who’ve been a victim, please inform your partner/group that You send to be careful of the content of this scam.

The Scam will come in the WhatsApp messages from a contact You know with a view like figure 1 below :

The link provided in the scam is according to observations Vaksincom is a shortener link free provided by the service provider Go Daddy. The purpose of the use shortener link/URL Shortener is to anticipate the blocking of WhatsApp which if blocked, then the makers of the scam make a URL Shortener new fixed leads on a fraudulent site that has been prepared.

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