How Hide profile picture WhatsApp 2018

How Hide profile picture WhatsApp 2018

Whatsapp 2018 | You are a user of whatsapp and want that the profile photo can not be seen by others ?, very easy once you know. Where each account owner has different goals to not display the profile photo on his account, there who want to show photo profiles only for contacts which are connected only, or even not display the picture for all people no exception Contact.

The profile photo in Whatsapp 2018, by default, seen by everyone though the person is not listed in Your contacts. To hide can through the settings in Whatsapp 2018, however the options that offered only limited, namely all the people, contacts or not to display profile photos. So it can not hide the profile photo of one person only. So you can hide your profile picture Whatsapp 2018 from someone, here are a little tips.

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The first way that someone, perhaps a former girlfriend, could not see the photo of Your profile is to block their number. Go to Settings — Account — Privacy — Tap “Blocked Contacts”. Then select the number that will be blocked by pressing the icon in the top right. But to block a number then they can no longer send Whatsapp messages to You.

While the second way please setting first so the profile photo is hidden from public and only visible to contacts in Your phone. How to go to Settings — Account — Privacy — Photos-Profile — select “My Contacts”. After that delete the contacts You don’t want to see the picture in Your profile. Although the deleted contacts can still send You messages.

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