Like WhatsApp 2018, Messages Sent in Line Can Now be Drawn

Like WhatsApp 2018, Messages Sent in Line Can Now be Drawn

WhatsApp 2018 | now Line also provides feature to delete or withdraw the message that has been sent to your friend. The message can be text, stickers, photos, videos, voice messages, links, contacts, location information, to a file. Utilization can also be in the context of the chat personal and group conversations. So how do I use it ?

First, press and hold the message you already sent and you want to remove. The interface Line, either via mobile or web, will show the option to “Unsend”. Press options, then messages will disappear from the screen of the recipient. The same as WhatsApp 2018, The Line will leave a notification to the recipient. The contents of the notification more or less tell there was a message that was entered but has been removed by the sender.

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The principle features of the withdrawal of the sent message in this Line is identical with that done WhatsApp. The difference is only a matter of the duration of time that is allowed to delete messages. In WhatsApp 2018, a message already sent to a friend can be deleted in a span of seven minutes after delivery. While in Line, the time range is long, i.e. 24 hours.

This feature is released gradually. Make sure the Line app on Android and iOS has been updated, so also the Line app for desktop Windows and MacOS. According to the access Line via the Chrome browser, this feature could not yet be enjoyed.

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