New, How To Send WhatsApp Message 2018 Is Scheduled

New, How To Send WhatsApp Message 2018 Is Scheduled !

WhatsApp 2018 | Most users of smartphone devices certainly already using instant messaging applications as one of the main application and used every day. If compared to send messages in the form of SMS through the operator, is indeed the convenience offered by instant messaging apps make communication activities more fast and flexible. For example like WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, to BBM of course be the main options used by the smartphone users.

Instead of just being one app perpesan most popular at the moment, WhatsApp 2018 also known as an application that brings many features to its services to the user. One of which may be still unknown by many users instant messaging app made by Facebook, which is a feature well as can send messages on a scheduled basis. Well, on this occasion we will give you tips and tricks on how to send WhatsApp messages 2018 automatically on a scheduled basis to the set. But to do so, you need the help of an application named SQEdit Scheduling App.

SQEdit Scheduling App

Application SQEdit Scheduling App will help you to create the delivery schedule WhatsApp messages in accordance with the needs and desires of you. Rather than curious, just check out the steps on how to send WhatsApp messages 2018 automatically scheduled below.

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The first step of course we have to install the app SQEDit Scheduling App that you can find and install it entire without cost through the application store Google Play Store. Oh yes, the tips and tricks this is only applicable on devices running on the Android operating system.

Furthermore, how to send a WhatsApp message to 2018 is the automatic open the app SQEdit Scheduling App. Where in the application is provided 5 options, just select WhatsApp. If appear nitifikasi permissions to access contacts and WhatsApp messages, then select ‘ALLOW’.

Next enable the app on the Settings menu, i.e. with the entry on the menu ‘Accessbility’, select ‘SQEdit’, and turn to be ‘On’. You can start using the app. Start select contacts, and then type the message you want to send and set the schedule you want to send the message. Once done, activate the scheduling by pressing the ‘SCHEDULE’.

Then the WhatsApp messages of 2018, you will be automatically sent at the time you schedule. You will receive a notification when the message has been sent. Well, that’s the little tips and tricks on how to send WhatsApp messages 2018 automatically on a scheduled basis, may be useful.

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