There is a Gesture Feature in New WhatsApp 2018, Like What?

There is a Gesture Feature in New WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp reportedly currently working on and testing a number of new features to the application that will run on devices based on Android OS. Not only one feature, reportedly WhatsApp is testing some new features. He nataranya is a very unique feature, namely the “ Shake to Report” and a new option in the Settings.

Gesture Feature in New WhatsApp 2018 - new option in Settings that will allow the user WhatsApp in devices based on Android OS to unblock a contact and send direct messages simply by pressing and holding the associated contact. In addition, WhatsApp is planning to add also a link invitation to join the group which has previously been can be enjoyed by the user of the device platform iOS. Thus You can more easily invite more people to get into the group chat.\

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Interestingly now the chat application popular also will add also a gesture feature called “ Shake to Report”. Through this feature, You can report the obstacles that You encounter on the app simply by shaking Your smartphone. While the Admin Setting is a series of new features that allows the admin of a group chat to send messages to the group members, edit group info and so forth. Already available in beta version, this feature will certainly immediately rolling to WhatsApp final version despite the certainty of the date is still not announced officially.

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