This is How to Use “Video Call” in WhatsApp 2018

This is How to Use “Video Call” in WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp users, both Android and iOS version, can already try out the features of video calls (video call). These features can be enjoyed by users around the world. To make a video call, both the contact should update the app to the latest version first. If not, WhatsApp will display an error message that states the contact doesn’t update the app.

IOS users are already getting update WhatsApp version 2.16.17 that has the new features of the video call. Meanwhile, Android users will find the features of video calls through WhatsApp version 2.16.352. To start a video call, select the desired contact from the contact list owned. After that, on the screen a conversation with a contact, will be displayed menu to perform a video call or voice call in the top right corner.

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There is little difference in the design of a video call between WhatsApp version Android and iOS. Certainly, the design of both equally simple. In the Android version, the call can be done by pressing the phone icon in the upper right corner of the contact’s name. After the button is pressed, WhatsApp will display the options Voice Call and Video Call. Furthermore, the user can just press the Video Call.

While, for the iOS version, there are two icons available in the top right corner of the contact name. The first icon displays the video image, while the second icon is the image handle of the phone. To make a video call, just press the video icon. The handset is used to perform a voice call.

The steps that must be done to start a video call is as follows:

  • Update WhatsApp to the latest version on Android and iOS
  • Select the desired contact from the list
  • Press the video call/voice call in the top right corner
  • For Android users, a new menu will appear to select voice call or video call

Video calls can not be done in a group conversation. In addition, the video call WhatsApp also do not support conversations with more than two people, or a conference call like Skype. Experience KompasTekno, the image and sound from video calls call WhatsApp is good enough. Of course the quality of the data connection is instrumental for the affairs of this quality.

Video call is a feature that is most-awaited by the users of WhatsApp. This was revealed by the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, as the parent company WhatsApp. “A voice call is already growing quickly, and the video call is a demand for the top of our community,” said Zuckerberg.

The presence of a video call in WhatsApp itself will compete with apps with similar capabilities, such as the Google Duo and Skype. Another chat app, for example Line and WeChat, has also been equipped with features like this. WhatsApp new version for iOS can be downloaded in the App Store via the following links. Meanwhile, the Android version can be downloaded through the Play Store at the link on this one.

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