WhatsApp 2018 Test Features Japri Via Group

WhatsApp 2018 Test Features Japri Via Group

WhatsApp application is often to get updates. But so far WhatsApp mobile version always be the main then the web version to follow thereafter.

Now the update that was leaked by WABetaInfo mention that the WhatsApp web version and the desktop will have the ability to reply to a private message or a private line (private messages) through the group. Not only that, WhatsApp web will also have a support mode picture-in-picture (PIP).

Previously, these leaks have been revealed by the WABetaInfo but not so detailed. That feature is reportedly being tested for the WhatsApp beta version 0.2.7315.

In a post on his web, WABetaInfo also include a screenshot of the feature. Looks from the picture that, when You press the messages with a long time will appear an additional option to “Reply privately”.

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This feature will help reduce the interactions need not be known to all members of the group. Response personally this also means that users don’t need to leave the group to reply to a message another user in the same group.

Meanwhile PIP mode make sure that the video that the user receives can be played on a new window in the WhatsApp application. That Video can be opened in full view right YouTube.

It is unclear when the feature will be launched by WhatsApp. Even so, WABetaInfo often divulge the features of WhatsApp which later proved to be the truth. As a result, the user need only wait for when that feature launched by the company. Similarly, as reported by the Indian Express.

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