WhatsApp 2018 Version Android Is Ready To Present A Range Of New Features

WhatsApp 2018 Version Android Is Ready To Present A Range Of New Features

WhatsApp 2018 | Instant messaging a million people most popular today WhatsApp continue to provide the latest updates on the features of its services to its loyal users. Like recently, for WhatsApp version Android doing beta testing for a variety of new features. However, the rows of the new feature is reported to still be considered to be launched globally to users as the last version update.

Reporting from Phone Arena, share the feature that is being tested by the application made by Facebook is expected to be realized rolled out to the Android app version in the future. Features are first tested on the WhatsApp 2018 version Android is the option that allows the user to tap the screen and hold it for a few moments.

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It is intended to allow the user to open the contact that has been blocked, and can send the message again. In addition, WhatsApp will also present quick access the invitation link that has been available in an iOS version to Android version. The plan of providing such a feature because of the presence of the reasons can be used to invite other users to conduct a conversation in a group, or term easy to chat with but not in the group.

There is also a unique feature that is being tested on WhatsApp 2018 Android version, which features shake to report. As the name suggests, these features will function in an active condition when the user can grip and move the smartphone to the top of the dank e below be quick to direct can contact the WhatsApp if you want to report problems found on the application.

WhatsApp 2018 Version Android

While the latter for new features still in the testing phase in the WhatsApp 2018 version Android is the Admin Settings. Where such a feature is dedicated to users who become admin of a group will be given the flexibility to organize its members, such as can do the termination to the members of the group who do spam or sending inappropriate messages.

Other news coming from WABetaInfo, mention that the WhatsApp web version and the desktop will have the ability to reply to a private message or a private line (private messages) through the group. Not only that, WhatsApp web will also have a support mode picture-in-picture (PIP).

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