Photography Portfolio

Where I’m From

Andaiye and Abena at Kilwin’s in Atlantic Station, laughing over shared memories.

Andaiye, Abena, Jasmine and I went to Atlantic Station on August 4th (the same day as Orientation at LAB Atlanta). Abena was leaving Atlanta because her mom got a new job out of the country so we wanted to hang out with her one last time before she left.

On June 17th of this year, 7 girls (including me) graduated from a rites of passage together. Only three of them are shown in the above pictures. They all mean so much to me though we don’t talk as often as we should. There is a bracelet that we all share, a green-ish brown-ish bracelet and you can see it on Andaiye and Jasmine’s arms, Abena’s is white. We received these on the day of our graduation this is a symbol of our connectivity and the bond that we share.

My mom, Jameelah James-Anderson and my little brother Kishon James-Anderson
My older brother Kwajo
My family cat Prince who we’ve had since he was a newborn.

My ‘Where I’m From’ project didn’t capture enough of who I am. It only grazed the surface of where I’m from. With more time I think I might have been able to get really good pictures of my sister, my dad and other mom, my grandparents and the list goes on, but I think the above is a start.

Auburn Avenue

Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. King spoke to the masses and Dr. King and Coretta Scott King’s memorial on Auburn Avenue.

The Old Fourth Ward/Auburn Avenue field work was one of the most interesting because not only were we able to connect the book that we were reading at the time (Them by Nathan McCall) to the place that we live but we also learned a lot of history. I liked going to the different places that the area had to offer, especially the Apex museum. It was also pretty great that I saw my sister by chance.

My little brother’s best friend August “getting an action shot” on August 28th.

These are the pictures that I took on the fieldwork to Georgia Tech with Mr. Hwang. I didn’t think I would get such good shots because I was taking these at random, but they turned out very well.

The Beltline

The Beltline fieldwork was one of the hottest but most photogenic.My best work came out of the Beltline because I felt there was so much creativity around me, that I just had to capture it all.

Hannah and Anastasia laughing over pictures.
Josie and Hannah underneath an “attraction” on the beltline.

The Beltline/Ponce City Market was a great experience. It was very interactive and full of happiness and joy. My mom lived near the beltline and my school was fairly close as well but I had never walked down the beltline in full. It was very hot but walking and talking with my classmates made it a nice experiment and afterwards the principal/one of the teachers treated us to gelato and king of pops, which was amazingly refreshing.


Pictures in front of a quaint French restaurant called Cafe Alsace.
I like this one a lot becuase I purposefully didn’t want to be so focused on the girl’s face, giving her a little bit of anonymity.

The Decatur fieldwork is another one of my favorites because my classmates and I had such freedom. Ms. Hamilton let us roam the area to our own inclination. The conversation that we had as we walked around was very playful and carefree and I think that is a way to describe LAB Atlanta and the Fall 2017 cohort, especially when no adults are around.

Piedmont Park

The view as we walked into the infamous Piedmont Park.

Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s most popular park. It was the destination of our October 27th field work excursion where we were tasked to take pictures with the different lenses given to us. I really like taking portrait photos but I think the lack of people in the park (at this time of day) actually worked in my favor. Though, portraits is what I would’ve liked to take, it was nice to have to broaden my photography skills.

Escape From Atlantic Station

Anastasia and Summer waiting for the light to change in our favor.

Portraiture is a tough skill, which is what I learned on our Escape from Atlantic Station. (We deemed it Escape from Atlantic Station because in the process of taking pictures at Atlantic Station a security guard told us that it was private property and we have to have a pass before we take pictures there.)