The momentum in us.

Have you feel sometimes the need to do something but no kind of any force makes you to start?

This is one of the common problem in our human nature, we mostly rely on outside forces for us to start creating something or start doing what we need to do. On my 23 years of existence, I learned that we humans should never rely on outside forces to counter the inertia, we should do it using the force inside us. This force also known as willpower is enough to make us going, enough to make us start and creating.

The willpower when brewed correctly can be a thrust booster and hydrogen fuel that will power the rocket of doing something. It’s inside us. We just need tap it’s potential. A momentum fueled by willpower will accomplished great things and will never stop rolling.

Start now. Not tomorrow. Not later. Start now.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do” -Johann von Gothe