Kev Adamson

Freelance Illustrator and Web Designer UK

Getting things moving, so to speak

In this here article what I have wrote and that, I try and go into detail in to what I require in order to accurately quote and put together a proposal for an animation project.

I cover the following questions:

  • Do you have any budget or deadline requirements?
  • Do you have a narrative for the animation?

The show must go on

This is a bit of a smoke and mirrors way of dealing with FOUC (flash of unstyled content) on your website, while still getting the “Look Mum! I’ve got green on my Google page speed analysis check!”

I call it the “curtain fix”.

I’m well aware that this may have already been done, and that cleverer folk than me may need to put me in my…

Flat has some depth

A post in-which I discuss the fact that flat web design is more than a passing trend, and also some reasoning as to why it perhaps isn’t taken as seriously as it should.

So we’re well into the new year. I actually planned this post for just after Christmas, but I blinked and now it is April ☺

The business of responsive web design

As web designers and developers, we’ve been aware as to the meaning and methods of responsive web design for quite a while. It’s become mainstream, with a number of high profile brands adopting the method for their own websites (Disney, Microsoft, Starbucks, to name but a few).

Patternicity, False Positives and Potatoes

A post about how content from one of my favourite talks from can be applied to how we approach and analyse design. Right at the end I mention potatoes.

One of my favourite sites for interesting audio and video content is : “Riveting talks by remarkable people”.

Breathe life back into designing

A post about how life drawing might be a helpful activity for the tired designer, and also how the problems of life drawing are similar to the problems faced by designers — web, print or other.

Oh and deodorant. I also mention deodorant a few times. For some reason.

A real search engine optimisation service

From 2013 I will be offering a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service to existing clients, and as a post-launch offering to new clients and new projects. This article outlines the reasons for, and the details of, this new service.

Whilst I acknowledge that there are many SEO companies around that provide an excellent and…

And his black and white email newsletter design service

“Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, Kev feels he can offer a high quality e-mail newsletter design, development and send-out service.”

Over the past 10 years working as a freelance web designer and developer, I’ve also been offering an e-newsletter design, coding and management service to my clients.

Clients of a loveliness

Over the many years of me doing stuff for other people for money, I have worked with — and continue to work with — a great number of super-duper ace clients.

I always ask for feedback so I can improve the things I do, and I have also received some blush-tacular testimonials and endorsements. Yes. Have some.

“We contacted Kev…

Don’t be critical of criticism

I’m currently looking through a number of my old sketchbooks and portfolio pieces from my time at art college, and also from my time studying for my Graphic Arts degree at university.

I plan on scanning / photographing a number of my best / most interesting pieces of work to add as bonus material on a semi-hidden area of my online portfolio…