Angular vs React vs Blaze: Which Framework is best for your next Web and Mobile App

Jul 20, 2018 · 2 min read

When it comes to Web Development Technologies, JavaScript frameworks are one of the most favored platform for developers & businesses for such benefits like efficiency, safety, and cost. Observing the current trends in technology scenario it’s not that easy to satisfy customers with a basic multi-functional web applications, design scalable and responsive interfaces as everyone wants to see you updated.

If you want to create a JavaScript-based website or application, it is quite easy to be confused to select a proper framework to use on your web development project. If your choice is right, you can build awesome mobile apps for your development process and overall success of the end product.

Why choose JavaScript frameworks

  1. Low cost
  2. High efficiency
  3. Support
  4. Security

Today, in this post we are going to discuss about some of the best Javascript Framework and which is the best for your next Web and Mobile App.


Angular is actually an oldest open-source front-end web application platform led by the Angular Team at under Google’s patronage and being mostly used for creating single page web applications.


React was the most demanding and popular framework in 2017. Released in 2013 by Facebook. React.js has actually become the first library to blow over jQuery and the one to stand behind UI of Instagram and Facebook.


Blaze is an open source modular toolkit which was another core innovation of Meteor Development Group. It provides usability and maintainability for building websites quickly and and re-rendering in response to data changes.

How do we decide?

There is no doubt that an option on the right JavaScript framework is not about features that each can offer. All the Frameworks have their own advantages and disadvantages and understanding of your project goals and requirements specification. No wonder! In fact, I have described all in details in my blog “Angular vs React vs Blaze: Choose the Best Framework for your Next Web and Mobile App” at Nimblechapps.

Want to know which front-end technologies are the best fit for your preference and requirements? Contact one of our experts. What do you think about the question, React vs. Angular vs. Blaze? I’d love to know in the comments below. Let me know what you think!

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