What Exactly is Blockchain? and What Does it Mean for Mobile App Development?

Aug 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger. The best example of Blockchain-based technology is Bitcoin, it is something almost all of us are aware of. Blockchain offers several advantages over the old technologies.

These advantages include:


-Complex Digital Ledger System


-Protecting Digital Information


Now Blockchain-based technology is slowly spreading over the mobile app development industry as well. Blockchain definitely has the potential to impact the mobile app development industry in a good way. It is going to bring about a lot of changes that will only make things more convenient.

We have mentioned the influence Blockchain can have on mobile app development and how. If you are interested to know it in details our “How will Blockchain Influence Mobile App Development? blog, we recommend you to go to consult the mobile app development team at Nimblechapps for perfect guidance.

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