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In this I/O ’18, Google released WorkManager APIs to schedule the work. In the last article, we discussed about how work manager APIs work under and how you can use these APIs to schedule the work to run in particular condition. (If you haven't read the previous article, I highly recommend you to read it before proceeding.)

In this article you are going to learn how to chain multiple works together and run the works in particular order. Let’s start unleashing the power of chains.

Chaining the works:

  • There might be some chance that you want to run some tasks in particular order…

“Airport departures timetable showing Delta and Alaska Airlines flights on time and boarding” by Matthew Smith on Unsplash

In I/O ’18, Google released Android Jetpack. It’s a set of libraries, tools and architectural guidance to help make it quick and easy to build great Android apps. In this Android Jetpack, team at Google release one library specifically designed for scheduling and managing the background tasks. It’s called “WorkManager”.

In this part you will learn about schedulers evolution matrix, what is work manager, how to use it and when to use it. In the next part, you will learn about how to chain the works for ordered execution of tasks.

You may say at this moment that we have…

Augmented reality is picking up the heat nowadays. All the major companies such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Google are pushing their operating systems towards augmented and virtual reality.

In late August 2017, Google released ARCore SDK in the preview. (Here is the announcement blog post.) This allows the application or game developers to easily integrate augmented reality functionalities into their Android and web applications or games.

In this blog post, we will talk about the fundamentals of ARCore. This blog post aims to provide fundamental concepts of AR and in the next posts, we will start playing with ARCore.


Google Home is a beautiful device with built-in Google Assistant — A state of the art digital personal assistant by Google. — which you can place anywhere at your home and it will do some amazing things for you. It will save your reminders, shopping lists, notes and most importantly answers your questions and queries based on the context of the conversations.

In this article, you are going to learn to turn your Raspberry Pi into homemade Google Home device which is,

  • Powered by Google Assistant.
  • Voice activated. No need to press any button, just say “Ok Google” or “Hey…

If you are a software developer or you are linked to software development you might know what is Git and GitHub.

For those who don’t know what is GitHub, GitHub is a web service based on the software Git (which is a versioning software written by Linus Torvald, creator of Linux). Git allows you to store the history of your software code base and easily control versioning. GitHub host all those Git repositories and also provides many other features like bug tracking, milestone creation and also the creation of Wiki for your project.

In this article, you will learn how…

Raspberry Pi is a pretty powerful device. That is why people are using their raspberry pi for performing some intensive tasks that squeeze last drop of CPU power from the Raspberry Pi. You can also overclock the Raspberry Pi to make it more powerful.

Raspberry Pi consumes very less power compare to your desktop CPU. But just like every other computer, while performing heavy tasks, it also gets hot.

Why do you need to monitor core temperature?

Many times, you want to keep an eye on the core temperature. You want to constantly measure the core temperature of your raspberry pi.

In my last project, I was building…

Nothing makes an android developer more crazy than a new version of Android.

Google has just revealed the DP1 of the next iteration of android: Android O. There are many new exciting features and under the hood performance improvements in the newest version of android.

While others talk about what will be the name of Android O, let’s analyze this flavour of android from developer’s perspective. For android developers there are four groundbreaking changes:

  • Background execution limits
  • Location updates limit
  • Removing of implicit broadcasts
  • Notification channels

Here, in this article let’s talk about background execution limitation. …

Design Patterns are popular among software developers. A design pattern is a well described solution to a common software problem. The Singleton is one of the Creational Design Patterns in Java.

What is the purpose of Singleton?

The purpose of the Singleton class is to control object creation, limiting the number of objects to only one. The singleton allows only one entry point to create the new instance of the class.

Since there is only one Singleton instance, any instance fields of a Singleton will occur only once per class, just like static fields. …

Mobile devices always have limited resources. They have a limited amount of battery, limited storage, limited processing power, limited RAM, limited internet connectivity … and the list goes on. This doesn’t matter if you are targeting Android or iOS. This is the universal truth.

In past couple of months, I was developing an android application Anti-Theft Screen Lock. This application capture image using device’s front camera, play alert whenever someone entered the wrong password to unlock the device. If you want to know more here is the play store page, go ahead and read the description :

Here, I am…

Source: https://gradle.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Build-Performance-Gradle.png

Gradle is very powerful build system. It handles the very complex process of building .dx files from java source code, merging all the resources and assets into the application package (.apk) and signing the application.

But gradle isn’t perfect. It is comparatively slower than other build systems out there.

Why should you care about build time of your project?

For a long time, I was OKAY with my build timings. I thought I can live with this. I used to do other stuff like surfing the internet, making coffee and even taking my lunch while gradle builds my project.

Now, let’s say you work on the above I/O’16 application project…

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