An Open Letter on Why We’re Removing Usernames, Addressed to the Worst Ones We’ve Ever Seen

Seriously, stop it. Just stop it. Stop with the patronizing, unfunny blog posts defending your needless changes. They aren’t funny, they’re annoying, and they insult your users. And while you’re at it, fire everyone that is behind these wonderful “changes” you’ve made in recent months, because y’know what? You’re killing what was once a great site.

Usernames give people choice. They protect people. If we want to give our names when connecting with someone, we will make that choice ourselves. We don’t need a bunch of lemmings in the OKC offices making that choice for us, *or* telling us that they are “a pain to remember.” Stop insulting the intelligence of your users. It just makes you look like a bunch of assholes.

You keep saying that you want to make the profile speak for the user, yet you are removing every tool that gives the user power over their own profile. Like with the new messaging system, where messages fall into a bottomless hole and profiles disappear completely, removing control from both the sender AND receiver, it is pointless to suggest you care about profiles. It has become clear that all you care about is pictures and swiping. Not your users’ ability to differentiate themselves to be *more* than a face.

If I wanted to use Tinder, I’d use Tinder. I have used OKC since 2011 because it was bar-none the best and most user-friendly site of its kind. No longer. You are gradually killing it. Congratulations, assholes.

Yes, that means you, OKC_Idiot_Staff123

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