I respect your opinion and long journey you have taken to come to this point.
September Hayes

Hi September,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are appreciated and I actually completely agree with you!

I believe that feminism encompasses equality, equity, support for folks of color — especially women of color, support for LGBT+ people — especially queer folks of color, non-binary individuals and so much more ‘othered’ marginalized individuals. I think that’s why I clung to the idea of womanism more than feminism because it seemed more whitewashed at first.

I think my journey to this point came around the time of late last year when I started considering the other other — people that may have seemed like they had a seat at the table for quite a long time, but probably didn’t. I raised those questions and started getting the side eye about my feminism. If it were strong/ good enough for the radicals of the movement. I got depressed and fed up with the waging war going on in my mind that I decided — if my beliefs/ ideals/ politics can’t and will never be good enough for a movement, I probably shouldn’t identify myself as part of that movement. It does a disservice to it.

These thoughts also came during a time of soul searching and trying to reason with myself about other truths and/or facts about myself. So it was the great big juggle of thoughts. And after reflection, I just kind of gathered myself.

I still very much believe in women’s rights and support women’s causes and others’ linked to it. But this was just a reflective piece I needed to get out for me. If that makes sense.