assimilation and normalisation are racially-charged capitalistic ploys. the idea that we need to alienate ourselves from ourselves, and tap into or create a false sense of self, just to appease the delusional construct of whiteness (that has always existed on the crime of exploitation), is disrespectful towards our true selves who want to exist in full liberty.

to disconnect ourselves from our queerness, our ‘difference’, the traits that make us ‘other’, is to do the world a disservice in it having to accept and adjust to all of the various flavours and beauty humanity comes in. we leave the world…

lately i’ve been thinking about my ancestors. not the ones bonded to me by blood and have been long gone from this plane, but the ones of whom i’ve adopted, living and dead, whose life and legacy i look up to as a source of strength and inspiration to continue leading my own path.

lately i’ve been choosing me. and while this feeling has been feeling so. damn. good, it’s been upsetting others around me, and disturbing the intimate relationships i’ve established. …

credit to pinterest.

i’ve been thinking about you; wondering how you’ve been keeping during these times of uncertainty?

the word ‘uncertain’ has been buzzing in my ear over the last few days, as this is probably the only adjective i can find right now to make sense of things. the more i sink into this new reality, the more i realise how much of everything is all but a concept; a constructed measure of worth. i’ve also been thinking a lot about ‘worth’, and how much of it is tied to privileged thinking and ideals.

with so much ‘free time’ on our hands…

So I just got done with celebrating my 24th birthday last month, but I’m still in all my glory since it’s still Pisces season! *Meg thee Stallion tongue* (LOL).

One of my friends who came down for my birthday weekend celebration, got the word ‘tender’ tattooed on her forearm, and for a minute, that really sat with me. …

the last 31 days of 2020 has been the most trying time for me. for all of us really, and i’m starting to feel the spirit of sister solange more and more when she orchestrated that word last year on doing ‘nothing without intention’.

that word — intention — has honestly been haunting me for the last few weeks like the ghost of a dead child tapping on his father’s bedroom window.

i thought that i had learned all there was to know about intentionality and the power of manifestation — that if i just paid close enough attention to…

Dear Kevanté,

I would tell you that this year is going to be one of the most difficult years of your life — perhaps even of this decade — but you will have to determine that for yourself.

In 2018, you learned that perspective is everything and that sometimes, even our own self-perceptions can be ‘wrong’. That sometimes, we need to take a step back and look outside of self to really see the full picture of the fruits inside the glass bowl. …

Dear Kevanté,

You will learn a lot this year. And I know that sounds funny because you always learn a lot every year. But this year, the year of mastery, the path number of 11, will overtake you in ways unimaginable. You will encounter the meaning of true mastery of self and just as you always do, question whether that self is truly in alignment with its divine purpose.

Don’t fool yourself into believing you are not where you need to be right now. You are.

You are positioned with him right now to show him the true nature of…

Twenty-eighteen has been one helluva year for me. From job gains to losses, to finding a new love and losing it, to undergoing physical surgery, to finding myself and losing myself and finding myself again, this year (though it’s nowhere near done), has definitely been one interesting ride.

Nonetheless, I am grateful for the experiences, discoveries/awakenings and new sense of self I have eased into ever so gracefully — and at other times, not so gracefully at all.

But we’re here. We’re at the tenth month and I think we can all agree there’s a newness in the air about…

kevanté a.c. cash

is a nassau-bahamian poet, artist and bibliophile who believes in prioritising pleasure as an act of resistance.

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