Viva Andela

Congratulations Andela, only 48hrs in and I am hooked. Hooked for a daily fix of the dojo as a gambler itches for an opportunity to risk his coins. I have heard of various theories about relationships from all kinds of people. And most self proclaimed relationship pundits would agree that the greatest relationships entail codependency. More precisely, each person in the relationship has something to learn from the other.

My interaction with Andela for the past 48hrs have been about learning and getting hooked. And the most impressive part is that Andela is so charming that I surmise that when it is time to say goodbye, there are no hard feelings, it is a mutual decision, one even is convinced that you are not the right fit at the right time as I have heard it said. You cant have that kind of honesty and transparency with humans. Men and women have had their cars smashed, their windows broken for opening up to their significant other like that. I know that if I told my partner “you aren’t fit for me” I would be asking for a cage match, her holding a chainsaw and me, armed with just a box of matches and a string. There is no winning in that fight and it is brutal, but no, not with Andela, you simply walk away happy and reminiscing your times, plotting to come back stronger and more vibrant because that is what Andela is looking for and you want to be with Andela.

Soap operas should be written about the teary eyed reunions between Andela and boot campers who had to leave too soon, about Andela and people who would travel thousands and thousand of miles just to strike the opportunity, the jilted candidates who would send in their applications cohort after cohort just to get a chance to prove themselves and of course, the sick and lost in the world of tech who want the medicine in Andela just to cure their confusion and despair.

In the past 24 hrs, I have met great people. Bootcampers like Kevin Chiteri who have a burning restlessness to make their mark on this world. Chiteri seems to move mountains in the gym, the dinner table and of course in the world of code. You just have to give it up to the man for coming out as willing to be vulnerable, accommodating and very eager to get to work.

Anthony Tirop is another great person I have met. A young gentleman who is quick to admit that his dalliance with python ended up as more than just a flirtation. It is now a fixation that he cannot quit. He is resourceful, helpful and has saved me over and over from the dark errors, stubborn loops and confounding logic.

Whitney, Winnie and Cynthia are brilliant ladies on my team, they know their stuff and will make it to the far reaches of the software developing world, I hope.

Andela fellows are champions in their own right and I feel I am not worthy to pick out who makes the place tick. They are Andela! They make the place tick, they make Andela what it is. Much like picking out the most meaningful bead in a woven tapestry, the exercise is futile. However I will send out my appreciation to staff members. First, Saya for being diligent in his job and introducing a whole world of new skills to my set of tools. He embodies confidence and commitment. Alex Mwaturi has been patient with the bootcampers and very helpful. He has the mettle of a ninja programmer and a cautious professor; a balance that can pull a strong punch when needed. I cannot end this without mentioning Nandaa who knows his stuff very well and has an admirable work ethic.

Other remarkable fellows are such as Morris Ndungu who described his time in Andela with as much zeal and enthusiasm as one would if they ever saw the sight of a dragon hatching out an egg. His passion and commitment is clear. I wouldn’t forget Amos, the quiet, witty, brilliant Andelan.

There are more people to mention here but I stop at this point as I think I have made my point. Andela entails Good vibes, lots of fun, a heavy grind, heaps of problems to solve but above all excellence, passion, integrity and collaboration. A kickass combination if you ask me.

Andela exemplifies how people should be nice to geeks and nerds for they are out to change the world and most people wouldn’t want to miss out.

TIA. Viva Andela