Publishing an extension for SQL Operations Studio


1: Source Controlling your project and publishing to Github

2: Creating a Github release for your VSIX extension

3: Publish your extension to the gallery

{  "extensionId": "<next available extension number, e.g. 15>",  "extensionName": "<name from package.json>",  "displayName": "<displayName from package.json>",  "shortDescription": "<1-line summary of your extension>",  "publisher": {    "displayName":"<your name>",    "publisherId": "<publisher from package.json>",    "publisherName":"<publisher from package.json>"  },  "versions": [    {      "version": "<version from package.json>",      "lastUpdated": "<todays date in US date notation>",      "assetUri": "",      "fallbackAssetUri": "fallbackAssetUri",      "files": [      {        "assetType": "Microsoft.SQLOps.DownloadPage",        "source": ""      },
"assetType": "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Links.Source", "source": "<https link to your Github page, e.g.>" }, { "assetType": "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Icons.Default", "source": "<link to a RAW file for the png icon to show in the gallery, e.g.>" }, { "assetType": "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Content.Details", "source": "<link to your README page, e.g.>" }, { "assetType": "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Code.Manifest", "source": "<link to your package.json, e.g.>" },
"assetType": "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Content.License", "source": "<link to your license, e.g.>" } ], "properties": [ { "key": "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Code.ExtensionDependencies", "value":""}, { "key": "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Code.Engine", "value":"*"} ] } ], "statistics": [], "flags": "preview"}
SSMSKeymap entry in extensionGallery.json

Next steps



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