Trenta OS? When is Trenta OS coming? How can I get on the list to test Trenta OS?
Despite the discontinuation of Trenta OS, we’ve continued to receive these messages. We’re also aware of rumors starting to float around. In this month’s update, we’ll answer all those questions.
Before we get to Trenta OS, we wanted to fill you in on what else we’ve been up to.

First, let’s talk about Trenta Icons. Trenta Icons has grown its library of icons. We’ve also improved compatibility between Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. A few icons have had their style updated to optimize…

The iPad has become a category of its own. But, like any other piece of technology, the iPad also ages. The difference between this and a traditional computer is that you can’t simply plug in a flash drive and wipe the OEM operating system and repurpose it. I started in 2019 to spread awareness of this issue and track projects that are trying to change this.

Current Solutions

iSH–The Linux Shell on iPad. The great thing about iSH is that anyone can install it without Jailbreak as long as you’re on iPadOS 13 or over. You will have to request to…

This isn’t the cure-all you’re looking for, but it may work for your current static website project.

Bye Instagram API

The official Instagram API has been becoming more and more restrictive since the late-2010s. In 2020 the now-legacy API will seize to function and has already stopped generating new User Tokens. Instagram’s new API can be found as part of Facebook’s development tools but requires more advanced methods of getting things that used to be simple like getting a user’s feed to embed and style on a webpage. …

Close-up photo of the website running on a red Gameboy Pocket
Close-up photo of the website running on a red Gameboy Pocket
Close-up of the site running on Game Boy Pocket


Over the summer I spun my freelance graphic and web design business off into more of a collective brand. Being tired of non-responsive websites still being relatively common and being created every day thanks to services like Wix and Weebly, I felt I needed to advertise our web design services to produce something that works on every screen. But what does every screen mean really? I started toying with the idea of bringing my site to something out of the ordinary and being a retro gaming geek, I thought the Game Boy was the way to go.

The Visuals

We’ve been quiet, and we have some updates. We’ve been continuously receiving your messages and trying to answer as many as possible. We’re going to make this short simple and sweet.



New logo. New identity. We think it’s pretty sweet.


Rainier UI Icons, yes that mouthful, has been renamed to Trenta Icons. Trenta Icons will move in place of Trenta OS as our main focus because let’s face it, they’re what put us on the map.*

New Products:

We’re introducing two new things. We’re taking our collection of wallpapers from Trenta OS and putting them online —…

Rainier UI has seen some changes in the last month. We hope to release a new set of icons to the public next month. We’ve held off on releasing these icons because of compatibility — we’ve made the decision to support only newer versions of Gnome available on Ubuntu 19.04 for the time being to better test for future versions. This has not only made testing more accessible, but has enabled Kenny to bring Rainier UI Icons to the Arch User Repository. That’s right, you can now test Rainier Icons on Arch Linux. …

Building an OS is kind of like making a cake.

Happy New Year! Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to.

We wanted to start this update with many thanks to out community. We appreciate all the support that has been coming through our inboxes.

Rainier Icons 2 packaged with Trenta OS

We are pleased to announce that Rainier UI Icons, Rainier Icons for short, has officially gone vector. Our team has been reevaluating focuses of as a whole since January and the first move was obvious — moving from a rasterized to vector based icon format. This move cut down the overall project file size by 85%, which helps with distribution, updates and more. Plus, the icons are now fully scalable without a finite resolution — no blurry icons on HiDPI monitors.

I was the kid in preschool who was banned from the arts and crafts drawer. I would show up, go straight to the drawer and start drawing, cutting and pasting things together — so much so that the preschool cut me off. At home it was the same at first, but with my dad being the techie that he is I was also surrounded by technology — mainly a Windows 98 computer that quickly became another facet of my interests. He let me play games, which were mostly passed or borrowed from coworkers at work. …


Visual & Web Designer.

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