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Trenta OS? When is Trenta OS coming? How can I get on the list to test Trenta OS?
Despite the discontinuation of Trenta OS, we’ve continued to receive these messages. We’re also aware of rumors starting to float around. In this month’s update, we’ll answer all those questions.
Before we get to Trenta OS, we wanted to fill you in on what else we’ve been up to.

First, let’s talk about Trenta Icons. Trenta Icons has grown its library of icons. We’ve also improved compatibility between Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04. A few icons have had their style updated to optimize file size and consistency. However, the biggest change will come Q1/Q2 2021 when we release Trenta Icons for macOS. Yes, you saw that right, Trenta Icons will support macOS Big Sur. As you may have seen, Apple has chosen to abandon their old round style of icons for a rounded rectangle look. …

The iPad has become a category of its own. But, like any other piece of technology, the iPad also ages. The difference between this and a traditional computer is that you can’t simply plug in a flash drive and wipe the OEM operating system and repurpose it. I started ipadlinux.org in 2019 to spread awareness of this issue and track projects that are trying to change this.

Current Solutions

iSH–The Linux Shell on iPad. The great thing about iSH is that anyone can install it without Jailbreak as long as you’re on iPadOS 13 or over. You will have to request to be a beta tester on Testflight, but it’s as simple as requesting it on the iSH Website. …

This isn’t the cure-all you’re looking for, but it may work for your current static website project.

Bye Instagram API

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The official Instagram API has been becoming more and more restrictive since the late-2010s. In 2020 the now-legacy API will seize to function and has already stopped generating new User Tokens. …



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