An alternative for embedded Instagram feeds in 2020

Bye Instagram API

Your client needs it; you’re in a tough spot

I think the first question to ask is “why?”. This isn’t to discourage the client or to put them on their heels but to identify what they are looking to gain out of it. They may be looking to gain followers, keep their customers updated or simply show off their work.

Scenario: Displaying Past Work

Each page refresh pulls 3 random posts from the information we included

In Conclusion

As I said in the very beginning, this isn’t a solution for every scenario, but it could fulfill the needs of the business you’re working with by showing visitors variety and still promoting content from Instagram. You could update the collection of posts over some time to keep maintenance low but one thing that this method can guarantee is that the posts won’t randomly disappear like a lot of feeds using the legacy API. I hope to reduce load times by using a JSON approach in the future and to find ways to automate this on a static site. If you have any solutions you’ve been using, please feel free to share them with me.



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