Changing the Plan

I started to create the HTML and CSS of my program today. Creating the program, a little and looking at so of the section of my program, I realized that I’m going to have to take a few things out. I figured out that things like added a calendar is going to be too hard to include. I’m still a beginner so I’m going to take it easy and focus on what I need to get the program working like how it should. Looking at the design, I had to change a few things. First off the colours were too bright and looked weird on the program. So I need to change this. I used a website called ColorHunt. This has colour groups that look good together with their hex-codes. Another thing I need to change was the font. The font looked really weird and was hard to read on the screen. So I changed it to something more simple and easier to read. This experience taught me that no matter how much you plan something out in life there is always going to be changes that need to be made.