WOW Factor

Today we started designing our final project. This created a problem for me personally because I am not too great of a designer. After looking at designs that my friends came out with, I felt a bit bad because I wasn’t able to cerate or design something that look that nice. My design was very simple and clean but didn’t have any WOW factors. After doing some research, I found that my program didn’t need to have big WOW factors in the design but I could just add animation or small little improvements via HTML and CSS. So I decided to create a hover that makes the link size larger, so that the user know what is going to be selected. I also created a chart to display the announcements. After looking at this online resource and figuring out how to improve my program, I felt quite happy with how my program was going to turn out. It gave me something to look forward to when completing this project. I can’t wait to see how its going to turn out.

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