Characteristics of the sensor Silo

Sign, partner in this project is approximately BRL 6010 certified organization. In practice this means that the queuing online system first so-called physical methods (such as UV and UF), and then electro chemical methods, such as copper/ silver ionization and atomic oxidation are eligible. In large water systems, such as in large residential institutions, the application of physical methods is limited. For the purposes of point-of-use filters, the number of taps too big and for the implementation of a gatekeeper system (UF, UV, AA +, etc.), the installation is often too complex. Much existing health care institutions deal with persistent problems therefore on the use of copper/ silver ionization.

Holland Water Technology, coordinator of this project, the supplier of the BIFIPRO system. With the BIFIPRO system are copper and silver ions are added to the water. There are several systems developed that copper and silver ions to the water. The system that Holland Water Technology has developed is unique and adds queuing online system very accurate copper and silver to the water. Several studies have shown that at concentrations of approximately The use of copper/ silver ionization as disinfection method falls management queue app for several years under the Pesticides and Dioxides Act (CTA).

This means that a supplier copper/ silver ionization wants to bring in the Netherlands on the market for use in tap water installations, for which application must have an authorization management queue app from the College Admissions Pesticides and Dioxides (CTGB). At present, a number of suppliers admission, including queuing online system Holland Water Technology BV (Holland Water). Holland Water has developed the system in-house (and patented). The other operators in the Dutch market with (originally) American and/ or British products. Holland Water has more than 200 copper/ silver ionization systems BIFIPRO® called, installed in the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.

The customers of Holland Water have expressed the need to have on a further technical optimization of the system, in particular in respect of the monitoring of the system. In the current situation of relatively high cost, limited monitored (see Chapter queuing online system 2). Due to the copper/ silver rest ionization system with sensors, the water treatment can be optimized and the (monitoring) reduced costs. By simultaneously frequent flow, temperature and concentrations of copper and silver to be in-line with measuring sensors, the ionization equipment can be used even more efficiently. Efficient is to say, a sufficient disinfecting effect with a minimum of energy, water and (read: copper and silver).

In addition, the aim is to monitor the effect of copper and silver in queuing online system the pipeline on-line with a recently developed bio film sensor. In combination with a flow meter, the PLC controls the release at various flow rates. In the Netherlands, copper/ silver ionization only be used in priority locations (including homes, hospitals, prisons, swimming pools and campsites) and in cooling towers with a maximum capacity of 4MW. In queuing online system other countries, copper/ silver ionization be applied more widely, such as sports centers and apartment buildings. This is done in triplicate for a reliable result.Under semi-field conditions in the laboratory Holland Water and Water Application Center (SAC), the performance characteristics of both the handhold and the online Silo sensor set. Among the performance characteristics of the detection limit is, linearity, sensitivity, accuracy and comparability understanding with other analyzes (with certified techniques).

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