I’ve Just Liberated My Modules
Azer Koçulu

Why was it a patent lawyer, and not a trademark lawyer? And what kind of lawyer sends legal threats by email? I’d would of just assumed it was a troll and ignored it. Plus I thought you could have the same name if yours is in a different space. Yours seem like dev tools, KIK seems like a messaging or clothing brand depending on which one it was. But I am not a lawyer.

I think most lawyers in the trademark/copyright space are evil money hungry trolls looking for easy money. Especially the ones who buy up patents that are about to expire, then instead of making anything using the patents they just sue anyone doing anything similar. It’s insane how broad some patents can be.

Then some lawyers try to extort money from YouTubers and Bloggers whose use of content is clearly fair use. Then there’s that time when some troll filed a false DMCA removing Justin Bieber’s videos from his own official channel. I think our whole legal system needs an entire upgrade.

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