5 Ways To Look Beautiful Without Burning Too Much Cash

Looking great is often perceived as an expensive and luxurious goal that needs to be fed constantly with time and money. But gone are the days when luxury products and premier services were reserved for the wealthy and the influential. Today, there are various ways to look great while also staying on top of your budget. Here’s five ways to achieve your physical and mental goals without burning a lot of money.

Set a Budget for Clothes

When people set budgets, they usually only do it for groceries. Clothes, however, can dent your budget too. You should allocate a monthly or annual budget for clothing and accessories that accompany it. For instance, setting a $100 limit on clothes will force you to choose and prioritize purchases that align with your fashion sense and style. When you’ve exceeded your budget for clothing, be proactive in avoiding any window shopping until your next month’s budget.

Time Your Purchases

Every year, there’s a dozen or so times when you can grab that pair of $500 flat sandals for half its original price or even better. To secure these savings, all you have to do is time your purchase at the right moment. Holidays, like Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Memorial Day, usually feature the biggest savings on all consumer goods, from electronics to clothing. On normal days or months, save up your money for those upcoming holidays, especially for purchases that aren’t time-sensitive, such as a new smartphone or a pair of earrings.

Exercise Outside

Regular physical exercise is healthy for both mind and body. It keeps you mentally sharp and lets you vent out stress, which can physically manifest itself in the form of hair loss or acne breakouts. As for its physical benefits, exercise helps maintain skin elasticity, improves blood flow and skin complexion, and gives you more confidence. You don’t necessarily have to pay for those $30 to $60 per-month gym memberships, though. You can exercise outside by jogging around your neighborhood, doing push-ups and sit-ups in your front yard, or even partaking in a new hobby that involves physical work, such as dancing, swimming, or yoga.

Groom Yourself

If you observe wealthy people and celebrities, you’ll notice that their hair is always well-groomed and they look like they’ve just stepped out of the shower. It sure isn’t because these people inherited the purest of genes or have drunk from the Fountain of Youth. It’s mostly because they groom themselves better than most people do. Get a good, clean haircut and trim your facial hair so that it doesn’t grow uneven. Wipe away sweat from your face after a busy morning commute, iron your clothes, and polish your shoes every now and then. These cues might not seem important, but they can make you more presentable in the eyes of the public. Best of all, these grooming tips won’t even cost you money.

Get Insurance For Your Essentials

Insure everything that plays an important role in your day-to-day life. For men, a car isn’t just a hobby nor is it just a symbol of freedom. It’s an extension of yourself and a way for you to express who you are. It also makes you more outgoing and attractive to others. In the event of an accident, however, your car and as your wallet can get shattered without sufficient coverage. Shop for car insurance quotes that balance cost and coverage.

Looking great doesn’t have to burn a hole through your pockets. There are a lot of simpler and more cost-effective ways to maintain your physique. Start with the five tips mentioned above.

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