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Apple and the Discrete iPhone Lies — My Two Bits

I’m sure we all have heard of the latest mishap about Apple and the secret of the iOS updates changing the way an iPhone functions without telling the customers about it. But as many other articles on the internet have revealed, many people have moved away from Apple and its secret lies over into the Android world.

I personally have owned 6 iPhones since they were released. Ever since I could remember, Apple was far behind Android in innovation and even behind BlackBerry at one point or another. Apple controlled (and still does to this day) the default Apps you can used on the iPhone. They will always be the native Apple Apps and a user cannot change this unless they chose to Jailbreak the device. So you’re stuck with Apple everything.

“But I use Gmail.” Congratulations. You can download any other app to use, like the Gmail app, but it will never become a default app. It will always be Mail. See the trend going on here?

Another thing that Apple doesn’t tell you about their ‘security’ that are embedded in their devices is that it’s only when you are using an app associated in the Apple ecosystem — we have to assume this is true otherwise Apple would be controlling every app and had developed every app available themselves. So let’s say you’re using the Gmail app or using Gmail through the Mail app, you are still exchanging information with Google. If you use Facebook, since you’re not using an Apple native app, you’re sharing information outside of the Apple ecosystem.

So looking at the promise of “Apple Will Never Sell or Share Your Information”, they’re not lying. But they are producing a false sense of security because not every App you download or use is a part of the Apple ecosystem — as matter of fact most native apps for the iPhone are the ones that came on your phone originally installed (except those not found on all Apple devices including Macs). Maybe they don’t share your information, but they don’t have to. You’re sharing it openly to the internet yourself through an non-Apple native App.

Do I personally trust Apple? Absolutely not. Have I ever? Yes. That’s why I bought many of the devices over and over since Apple preached the ‘security’ of their devices is top notch with every iOS release. So let’s look at the logic behind this. There is one iPhone operating system and a few models of the iPhone that are available. There are many Android phones from many manufacturers all over the world with different hardware and measures of security. If you had to break into a mobile operating system with the most users, but different levels of security (Android Phones), or break into the iPhone with only one level of security but not as many users, where is the thief going to try first? The iPhone. Because you only have to break into one Operating System in order to hack as many iPhones as you wish. Has the iPhone been compromised? Yes it has by the FBI with no assistance from Apple.

After the latest information about the Apple secret being released based on iOS updates changing the iPhone and the way the user relies on the device? Or can you really trust the iOS or OSX platform? That’s for you to decide. Can you really trust Apple on their word about how they describe and sell products to consumers? That’s for you to decide, but I wouldn’t.

*information about Apple, the Apple iPhone, iOS, Android OS or Android devices are made solely by me without influence of other articles or monetary gains from other sources. This information is based on personal experience and ideology of how Apple handles their business.

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