Why You Need to Have a Magnesium Pool in Your House

A regular habit of swimming has a lot of health benefits. Besides giving a proper exercising move to your body it has a lot to do for your skin. This is the reason why apart from the big hotels, most of the houses witness a swimming pool inside their campus.

You might be wondering how swimming in a pool of just water benefit ‘a lot’ to our body. No, it’s not the ‘just water’ that is being talked about rather it’s the magnesium mineral rich water.

Get to know about the magnesium pool and its benefits for you.

Magnesium in your Pool

The pool in which the water is rich in magnesium is preferred the most today. Plunging into a magnesium pool will make you feel the difference. You will feel like something very silky and gentle is touching your skin. Even though you have the cleaning of the salt chlorine-generation cell done still your hairs are likely to damage in such water. Unlike in the chlorine or salt water pools, you don’t have to wash off your hair as you do to get rid of the chlorine and also there is no irritation of the eyes.

Your pool remains as clear as a crystal always and is quite easy to maintain. The environmental effects of this magnesium pool are the most important aspects for they being preferred. They are quite healthy not only for you but also for your family and others.

Benefits of Magnesium Pool

In terms of Health

Magnesium is quite essential to carry out 300 major cellular processes and enzyme reactions in your body. Thus, when you bath in a magnesium pool the magnesium gets absorbed through the skin and offers the benefits as follows:

✔ Magnesium forming 50% of our bone and 50% of our tissues the pool with water rich in magnesium is beneficial for us.

✔ This mineral normalizes our nerve and muscle functioning, to help us have a proper heartbeat rhythm, strong bones, a healthy immune system, normal blood pressure, regulated sugar levels.

✔ It has shown a bang-up result in fighting the underlying causes of acne.

✔ It is an anti-inflammatory agent that fights insulin resistance, gives a proper sleep, relieves stress, removes all such factors that contribute to skin disorders.

✔ It reduces any gut disorder that leads to rosacea under the eyes.

✔ Generally, skin disorders like eczema which results in red blotches on your skin and an itching skin can be cured by having magnesium bath.

✔ Plunging into magnesium water will restore your skin elasticity and moisture eradicating the dryness or inflammation in your skin.

✔ Without magnesium the skin becomes a host to inflammation and free radical damage thus, causing wrinkles. Thus, swimming through the magnesium water regularly will save you from having wrinkles.

✔ Magnesium, as you know, is quite helpful in reducing the E-selection’s effects curing the skin breakouts.

✔ It helps your body to absorb calcium hence keeping your bones and teeth stronger.

✔ It offers a relief in case of muscle ache issues. Having a bath in magnesium rich water treats sore muscles, muscle spasm, and reduces swelling.

✔ Do you know an interesting fact? Having a magnesium bath and using a magnesium oil before any sport you can avoid any sport related injuries like the muscle tear up.

✔ As per a personal experience, in California a lady with a severe headache jumped into a magnesium pool and spent an hour swimming in it to just come out of the pool with the least pain.

✔ Are you suffering from body odor issue? No deodorants or scented soaps worked well? Try out the magnesium bath, and see the miracle!

✔ This mineral detoxifies and cleanses the skin treating the skin areas or type of skins that are more prone to allergies.

✔ The hair follicles need magnesium to produce strong strands of hair otherwise, you may experience complete baldness or hair loss. Thus, with magnesium intake and a complete immersing bath in a magnesium pool you can fulfill this mineral requirement for your hair.

✔ The benefits of magnesium have made the Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) to be added to baths and spas, which is a well-known therapeutic practice.

✔ While bathing in a magnesium pool the magnesium gets absorbed in the skin soothing and relieving the skin.

✔ It detoxifies the skin and the body by relaxing the nervous system.

Benefits for the Pool

✔ It contributes to maintaining the water clarity in the pool.

✔ The magnesium chloride flowing through the cells of the swimming pools undergo electrolysis forming magnesium hydroxide which plays the role of a flocculent.

✔ As you know what a flocculent is, it helps filter out the fine materials such as the dirt and dust providing a clear pool.

✔ Besides this, it restricts the formation of the calcium scaling on the pool equipment, cells, and the pool surface.

Are these benefits attracting you? Yes… Well, I’m not surprised. Magnesium pool has great benefits compared to other types. Only having a magnesium pool is not everything, maintenance and cleaning of the pool are also necessary. Note one thing, the maintenance and cleaning process must be done by professional pool cleaners.

Components of a Magnesium Pool

Before having a magnesium pool you must know what it contains.

The magnesium pool is completely salt-free and an efficient mineral pool. You can combine potassium chloride with that of magnesium so that both of them can shower their benefits in conjunction. You must have a hydroxinator to maintain the water in a crystal clear, silky and healthy state.

The proper proportion of both the compounds must be like 70% potassium chloride and 30% magnesium chloride. This will help to maintain the water at a superior quality and natural condition.

You have already studied above the benefits of magnesium chloride like reduction of anxiety, stress, aches, pains and detoxifying the body. Now let’s see how the potassium chloride in a magnesium pool is beneficial. This mineral in combo with magnesium nourishes the grass and plants. This water apart from swimming can also be used to emerge lawns beside the pools.

Wrap Up

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t these benefits of the magnesium pool enough to drive your interest? Yes… hurry up and convert your pool to the magnesium one or make a new magnesium pool and have a healthy swimming experience. Last words of course, after setting up a pool don’t ever neglect the pool maintenance at regular interval.