Hot Guys F#@! : Meet the New Wave of Men for All-Inclusive Adult Entertainment

Landon is the co-owner of Blurred Media LLC, which hosts the increasingly popular adult entertainment site HotGuysFuck. The no-frills but crisp video productions place all the emphasis on fresh-faced up and coming male performers making this a particular hit among gay men, bisexuals, and straight female viewers.

Landon, going off of your site’s name - HotGuysFuck (HGF) - is there a prevalence of "unattractive" guys engaging in sex for entertainment? And what qualities do you scrutinize to gauge something as subjective as “hot” versus unattractive?

Landon: We choose guys based on a particular look that’s done well for us. We do our best to scout guys that are between a certain age and body type that would fit the all-American look. If you don’t fit the parameters, it doesn’t mean you’re unattractive, it’s just not our preferred look for the site.

What is this particular look and can you talk about your scouting process and what makes it effective?

Landon: Scouting or recruiting is one area we never touch. I will say our guys are generally between 18-24, frequent gym goers, and have great smiles.

Why keep the recruiting process a mystery? Is it that different from the conventional set-up?

Landon: An adult website’s models are one of the valuable things it offers. Our guys generally can’t be found other places outside our studio. We wouldn’t want other websites scooping or seeking out our studs [smiles].

When you first started out, was HGF created as a solution for gay men and straight women who wanted greater emphasis on the attractiveness and experience of male entertainers? Who was the target audience?

Landon: I think it ended up falling into this category, but this was not the original intent. HGF was actually created by accident. A male model of ours who was out for a different shoot and on his free time, picked up a girl from the mall and convinced her to come back to his hotel. He called me on his way home and said he and this girl were down for a fuck video, could I film it. Out of curiosity, we filmed the action and geared it more towards him. The feedback from the video was great and the rest was history. So there was no target or direction. It was completely random.

What made you place the focus on the male model in that first video?

Landon: We focused on the male model because we never filmed women before — a market we didn’t really know well. Naturally, we stuck to the guy and made him the star.

Despite HGF filming predominantly heterosexual scenes, would you describe the overarching company - Blurred Media - as a promoter of gay and or bisexual content?

Landon: We’re moving into a place where we’re shooting equal amounts for gay, straight, and bisexual [porn]. We are trying to produce something for everyone with our different sites GayHoopla and SugarDaddyPorn.

How did you get involved with adult entertainment and what sexual orientation were those first work experiences geared toward?

Landon: Been in the industry for 13 years pretty much doing the same thing I am now. Started in the gay sector, hence why HotGuysFuck was likely filmed a certain way. Started out as an editor — pictures and videos.

That means you got started with gay adult entertainment before the legalization of same-sex marriage. Was there a sense of secrecy when it came to promoting and producing content back then?

Landon: I think the online world works very differently from the real world. We didn’t experience or feel the need to be secretive.

Are the scenes for HGF scripted or are performers allowed flexibility within a broader template?

Landon: It is 100% a free for all. We just let the paired couple have fun and go in there fucking like you would on your own time.

Most scenes end with a “cumshot.” Is that not at the director’s request?

Landon: I would hope that any time anyone has sex, they get to cum. So, yes, we tell them there needs to be a "money shot.”

It looks like there’s a minimal number of crew on set in addition to a lone roving camera style of shooting. What do you hope to achieve from this pared down look and feel?

Landon: This was done to avoid being a distraction for models who are already amateurs. We’re able to shoot from a distance to avoid disrupting a free flowing hook up.

Are you the sole member of the crew on set during filming?

Landon: There are only the producer and two models. That’s all. The producer however has been five or six different [individuals], which is why some videos are [filmed] differently than others.

Several of your videos feature banter at the end between the performers and the producer. It gives viewers a chance to get into the mind of the models right after having sex. Have you thought about playing with this format further?

Landon: What exactly did you have in mind? [laughs] Normally we chat to give viewers a chance to get to know the models and what’s going through their heads. We believe doing this adds to the appeal that this is not staged and just real sex.

Are there specific stereotypes you think your productions work toward eliminating both in adult entertainment and in viewers' bedrooms?

Landon: I’m not sure. We filmed this content by accident. We stumbled upon something extremely hot to us and went with it. We didn’t really do it to eliminate any sort of stereotypes.

There are the occasional random cameos by other performers in some scenes. I’m curious to know whether they were there waiting to shoot another film or just hanging out on set.

Landon: In every instance it’s different. We are a pretty go with the flow type of company. If there are models in the background, we don’t mind or plan it. It’s not staged by any means and in most cases it would mean the model was waiting to shoot their scene or just hanging out. We encourage the models to do as they please and we will follow them from room to room if they [move around]. If we capture someone in the background during this time, we just keep it in the final released footage.

Does that mean there’s a communal feel among the performers in the sense that they spend a lot of time together both on and off of set? Are they ever encouraged to engage other performers impromptu during the filming of a scene?

Landon: A communal feeling for sure. Everyone knows what they’re out here to do and they’re all hams for the camera. As soon as it’s turned on, they want to run in front of it and get wild. We don’t encourage anything out of the performers but I suppose if we let the camera roll, they want to engage. All we’ve ever told them, is to have a great time — have fun!

Is adult entertainment on its own a sustainable livelihood for male performers now starting out or would you always recommend supplementing it with other full time or part time work?

Landon: I’m big on diversification. I think everyone should be supplementing with additional work. To further answer the question I think you’re asking, yes, these models should have another source of income. Most models don’t come to us for the money but more so for the experience. Most models aren’t getting rich shooting adult content, but it’s a hell of a time.

Was there anything specifically you insisted on doing differently when it came to the promotion of HGF? What do you think is pushing its recent surge on popular distribution sites?

Landon: HGF was a total experiment. We didn’t have any sort of promotion plan. We did know not to mix girls on our gay website so creating a separate domain was necessary. I think the surge is coming from our porn being filmed a different way. We’ve really come to find out from feedback that we’ve made a lot of new fans that may have not been into porn, porn fans. They love the attractive men and the amateur feel of the videos. Our content isn’t like most you’ll see out there and the people who seem to love our content say it’s quite refreshing.

Has there been interest from other production houses, events, or festivals to collaborate with HGF?

Landon: Tons of models from all sorts of lives have hit us up with interest in shooting with us but I don’t recall production houses, events, or festivals trying to collaborate. We would be open to it.

You never know, there could be a HGF float at Key West’s Fantasy Fest or presence at Provincetown’s Carnival down the line. Are there any plans to play around with the choice of set in the near future? Exhibitionism? Themes?

Landon: That would be awesome! We have started giving the models HGF tee shirts that all of them can’t wait to wear and rock back home. Amazing to me but we’re loving our walking billboards. I don’t think we’d do themes but we’re open to exhibitionism. Let the ideas flow.

Do you have any favorite scenes you recommend to first time viewers?

Landon: I would have to go with our most popular video or this one.

Why those particular videos?

Landon: They were some of the first videos to come out that people really seemed to enjoy. I look at them as if they were stepping stones in HotGuysFuck’s growth and for that reason, I love them. I’m also a fan of all the models included.

In the era of the #MeToo movement do you think production houses are doing enough to safeguard against sexual harassment and assault in adult entertainment? What precautions do you take to protect performers at Blurred Media?

Landon: Prior to all scenes we discuss does and dont’s. If models do not want something to happen, we make sure it doesn’t. Even though all models come to us wanting to shoot for HGF, we will make sure no one is forced to do something they don’t want to do.

What’s the ultimate vision for Blurred Media beyond growing your number of subscribers? Do you want to set the new standard for other production companies to follow?

Landon: Our goal is to continue to put out unique content. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to release scenes more frequently. Right now we offer two new scenes per week, but being able to afford releasing a new scene every other day would be an amazing goal.

Eight Things to Know About Landon

On something surprising about managing male performers: Most of them are extremely shy. It takes a lot of comfort to be able to put on a good performance.

The best music to listen to while editing porn: We actually edit just to the moans of the video [laughs]. If I’m editing pictures or banners, I would choose a deep focus genre type music.

On whether he has ever fallen in love with or dated an adult entertainer? I have not.

On whether the adult entertainment industry generally does better under a Democratic or a Republican administration: Not too sure. I think Republicans are the bigger undercover freaks though.

What country or culture he thinks is the most progressive when it comes to sex: I’m a huge fan of Amsterdam. That place is awesome!

On being for or against going into debt for undergraduate studies to pursue a profession in entertainment: Major believer in people making their own decisions in life. You get one life to live. I suggest taking the leap of faith doing whatever it is you love.

An industry standard he wishes he could banish forever: I would say piracy. Support businesses you enjoy whether it is a local bakery or an adult entertainment website.

What he would say to gay men who never want to experience anal: Give it a shot. You might just like it. Start with a rim job.

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