Kevin Damken
Jun 28 · 2 min read

Hello! My name is Kevin Damken & I am striving to become an Emanate Rep.

Before anything, I’d like to share some background knowledge about myself & how I got here. It’s been a little over more than 2 years since I discovered Bitcoin & Blockchain technology. Uncovering this newfound information originated through a scam where my family and I unfortunately lost around 6 Bitcoins (worth 71k at time of writing).

Ever since that moment, I fell in love with this technology & have been following it closely every day for the past 2 years non-stop. The aroma of nonidentical, complex, new opportunities that Bitcoin brings to this world & our society intrigues every cell, every one of my senses. This advanced idea of digital money that no central institution has control over obtains the power to touch a variety of scenarios.

The factor that is most quintessential and intrigues me even more is Blockchain. Blockchain is a source of ultimate truth and trust. A technology that will forever change how we interact with each other. How we transact with each other. How we trust each other.

I’m extremely passionate about this technology & of all of the unfound & unimaginable new ideas that will flourish out of it.

Emanate is one of these ideas that has flourished and is looking to change the future of music forever. Emanate has instantaneously hooked me from the get-go because it combines my passion of Blockchain with another one of my biggest passions: music.

A platform that will allow you to get instantly paid as soon your audio is consumed?

A platform that will solve many of the longstanding problems that the music industry has?

I want to be part of this future, but even more than just being part of it, I want to help build it.

I’m certain of one thing, the only ones among us who will ever be truly happy, are those of us who have sought & found a way to serve. — Albert Schweitzer

I feel blessed and grateful for all of the little things that had to occur in order for Emanate to come to fruition, because I have found my way to serve others.

I want to help share this future, help build it, and serve others through music.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to win your vote to possibly become an Emanate Rep; a considerable amount of assistance and value will be happily shared in any way that I possibly can and to the utmost best of my abilities.

Kevin Damken


I want to apply for the 100,000 EMT Rep Loan.

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