Design My Own Playlists

This is my weekly blog, originally posted on the blog of my website, Taz.

Why do you need to create your own playlists? There are thousands of playlists already sitting on Spotify, so why not just pick one that you like and follow it. Well, it turns out we often ignore how big of an impact music can be on our works. Humans are environmental animals. We take stimuli in our surroundings very seriously. Ever since the ancient time, we started to create our very own territories and houses in order to maintain privacy from the outside world. As a designer and developer, I spend tons of time sitting in front of computers and books. It is important to keep my brain fresh and productive all the time. A great selection of music can help me stay focused anywhere and anytime. By putting the headphones on, we create a well-curated bubble and switch to the work mode much faster.

So where should I start? I generalize my daily time into 4 pieces. Starting from the time I wake up in the morning, I usually go to the gym first, then classes and morning work time. From afternoon to the evening, I mainly focus on my homework and side projects. Occasionally, I would hang out with friends or just spend some free time reading. In this way, four types of playlists need to be created to match my daily routine. For gym and intense activities, I created a playlist called Ferro (Italian for iron), which mostly consists of hip-hop and hardcore tones. For morning work time, I have Ambiente (Italian: ambient) for background music when I mostly do memorizing works or tasks that require great attention. In the afternoon or evening, I generally become less productive and less sensitive compared to how I was in the morning. To speed up my heart rate and concentrate, I would need music that shares a fast pace and clear beats. I called this playlist Ritmo (Italian: rhythm). Finally an extra playlist Stile (Italian: style) was made to help me relax and read; it is composed of light music with slower paces. So here they are. four playlists for various tasks throughout the day and I will carefully select and experiment with more music in later days.

Like all the other design projects, I’m going to reiterate the songs and categories constantly in the future. It is also important for me to try out the playlists I made and spend more time on the sequence of musics in each playlist.

It is remarkable that Spotify is actually a social media as well. People share a weaker yet more personal relationship with friends and strangers through the medium of music. I’m looking forward to further testing the effects of music on my daily works and if you want to keep updated with all my music endeavors, you can follow me here.



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