While there are occasionally good intentions behind this “genre” label, it is also misleading.

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There’s always a hint of annoyance that hits me whenever I’m scrolling through something like Netflix and see “Gay and Lesbian” or “LGBTQ” or some other variation of the phrase as a subcategory of films.

When studying Cinema Studies, at some point you will learn the purpose of the genre. It’s almost purely just to help categorize and organize different things. While certain genres do have common traits, the reality is genre is in a lot of ways like sexuality. …

Lets A-Go!

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Source: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

A few years ago, Universal and Nintendo partnered to create theme park areas based on Nintendo properties which led to another deal with Illumination Studios to make a Mario film.

This specific partnership sounded risky at first to a lot of fans. But, to be honest, I think it’s a good choice and I eagerly await to see what the team at Illumination has cooked up for this deeply weird IP. I have been so excited that back in late 2017 I even wrote up a pitch for how to turn this game into a movie.

Since then, I still have been ruminating on how to make a story for a Mario film since the story of the games is so basic and limited. While my original pitch has been lost to time, I thought it would be fun to write out an updated version of what I thought up a few years ago. …

Expect a new movie or tv show episode to watch that continues the MCU story almost every Friday of 2021 starting January 15th.

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Source: DIsney/Marvel Studios and Attractions Magazine

Has anyone else felt strange that it’s been well over a year without any MCU project being released? There was some side stuff this year, like Agents of SHIELD and Helstrom but neither of those is technically canon in the MCU.

This isn’t Marvel or Disney’s fault, the pandemic affected pretty much all movies and TV shows being made and distributed this year. And there’s no telling how long the effects of that will last.

On a positive note, it did give some time for Avengers: Endgame to stand on its own as being a good ending without rushing with multiple new projects. I remember after Endgame a lot of my friends were saying they were hoping the MCU took a break for a couple of years. …

WB movies will now premiere on HBO Max day-in-date with theaters in 2021.

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Source: Warner Bros.

The Warner Bros. run streaming service HBO Max, has just changed the game on theatrical releases. They have announced, and are the first studio to double down on streaming their new releases. Meaning every theatrical release from WB in 2021, from Tom and Jerry to The Suicide Squad, will be on HBO Max for the first month of their theatrical release.

It also appears that unlike Disney’s Mulan, these films won’t be charged an extra premium fee beyond the subscriptions service fee in order to watch these.

Most audiences and film goers praise this decision. It’s easy to see why, practically no one feels safe going to theaters and even after a vaccine is made readily available for the Covid-19 virus, there’s no telling when people will feel safe to go again. This is an amazingly pro consumer move and there really isn’t any downsides to it for us fans. The only thing missing is the fun of seeing these movies in a crowd setting. …

Did Marvel just accidentally reveal this?

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Source: Disney.

Since 2017, the MCU has had a subplot of the original Avengers Tower being sold and bought after the second Avengers film. This was a major plot point in Spider-Man: Homecoming and made a cameo in the sequel Far From Home.

At the end of that film, Spidey swings by the building and the audience can see this sign.

This half-step sequel exceeded every expectation of mine.

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Source: GameSpot Trailers/PlayStation/Insomniac

Spider-Man might be my favorite character in media. I have an extreme soft spot for him because I grew up with the cartoons and movies, and that’s what led me into reading my first comic books. And I think a lot of people have that same experience. It really seems like most people of my generation either get into superheroes and/or comics this way, or it’s the same thing but with Batman.

This is all to say, due to this soft spot, I am easy to please when it comes to this character. …

Love is a risk. Even for superheroes and supervillains.

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Source: Warner Bros and DC.

The Following Contains Spoilers for both seasons of Harley Quinn, Proceed at Your Own Risk

Harley Quinn is a character that I’ve felt done with for a long time. It’s not that I didn’t like her, she’s a fun bit of chaos that is a good injection in even the worst things she’s in. But there are just so many Harley Quinn things in the world. As one of DC’s most popular characters, she’s often just shoehorned into stuff and that made me tired of her.

Then 2020 happened and it actually brought to me a lot of good Harley Quinn media that I had a great time with. I enjoyed the live-action Birds of Prey movie more than most people, there was an amazing trade paperback called Harleen from Stejepan Sejic which I adored, and also this show. …

“Don’t mistake youthful selfishness for genuine malice. No one isn’t kind of an asshole in their early 20s…” -Alucard

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Source: TeamFourStar

For years, Team Four Star has been creating hilarious content on the internet. I personally have been watching their stuff since I was in elementary or middle school (the memory of exactly when it was is a bit hazy since it was so long ago, but that’s neither here nor there.)

They have been around my life so long that they even influenced my own sense of humor and writing style. …

The Mandalorian seems to be the only piece of Star Wars media everyone loves, and there’s a good reason for it.

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Source: Disney/Lucasfilm

Star Wars has had a rough go at it since the 80s. The first movie and it’s sequel were such a pop culture shift that kickstarted so many trends they became instant classics. But due to that status, it became almost impossible to please it’s own audience.

This problem was more pronounced by the time the Disney era of the films started in 2015. Because this time it was the fans making the films instead of the almighty creator himself, George Lucas.

With The Force Awakens fans were initially receptive to it. It was mainly a love letter that served as a greatest hits the franchise had to offer. It was a super enjoyable and contagious experience seeing it in theaters when it first opened. But as time has past since it released, the reception to it from most seems to be an unenthusiastic “yeah that movie was fine”. …

It’s showtime…. for the Musical version!

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Source: Deadline.

Due to the fact I am a living, breathing, human, I love Beetlejuice. It’s one of the classic Halloween movies. Arguably it’s also what shot Tim Burton into mainstream popularity. Michael Keaton’s performance is iconic. I’d even go as far to argue that without Beetlejuice, characters like Deadpool wouldn’t be as successful.

Because not only was that movie great, it also shifted a lot of popular comedic tendencies. It popularized a more irreverent sense of humor not present in other 80s comedies. 80s comedies were mostly centered around setting based comedy. Like colleges in Revenge of the Nerds or golf courses in Caddyshack. …


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