We’ve all heard it at some point.


For some of you, that means docker. For others, it means containers. Some other developers might think they are deploying Microservices because they have multiple images/containers/instances of their software running.

The reality is, deploying your system with multiple images does not make it a service-oriented architecture software. Yes, you might have taken your old software from a 1-instance beast to a couple of scalable instances (We’ll come back to this one), but that does not mean you have made it a microservice if your architecture is still the same.

The goal of…

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of statically typed languages and dynamic languages, I will go over the key points of both concepts and demonstrate the performance impact of both (For web applications).

There are several trains of thoughts about whether dynamic languages are more productive to develop software than statically typed languages.

Let's define properly what it means to be a Static or Dynamic language:

A language is statically typed if the type of a variable is known at compile time

Therefore, a dynamic language would be the complete opposite, which is, a language that the type of…

In this article, I will cover my migration progress between all three languages and explain why and what brought me to move over.

I hope I will shed some light and convince some of you to try out a new language for the sake of your software and its reliability.


Anybody who has written javascript in their life has already faced far too many times one of those following generic errors:

With the increased amount of security breach happening every now and then, it’s become hard to properly trust a service provider with your personal data.

And then, if the breaches are not enough, most if not all providers now monitor all the files you upload for their own needs (Most of the time, to teach their AI’s to read pictures, understand word documents, etc..).

Simply put, your privacy and the security of your data is at stake the moment you decide to let another party handle that for you.

I wanted to have a proper way to easily store my…

Using AWS to Send Emails with CPanel

In this post, we will add a relay on your local Exim Mail Server to route all emails to Amazon SES service.

Disclaimer: This post will use Amazon SES service, but many other providers out there are available that does the same job. I chose AWS because it is a popular and in-demand service.

Getting started

You own a private server, either it is virtual or dedicated, you still own a server, with a set of dedicated IPv4 addresses. You are not interested to invest time learning how email authentication work and you are tired that your emails go straight to junk.

Why would you use a relay mail server:

Kevin Lanthier

Co-Founder at Ikarus, I am passionated by new technologies and I love to share my knowledge with other developers

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