My ass tonight?

One of his favorite memories and a perfect example of their mutual passion and trust for one another was when she blindfolded him and told him to wait on the bed for her. He was naked and his cock was hard with anticipation but really had no idea what was in store for him. Would she slowly seduce him as she often does? Lay him on his back and ride his cock for her own pleasure? Would it just be a loving massage that may or may not lead to lovemaking? The anticipation was the biggest turn on.few minutes later she came back and he sensed her enter the room. She did not say anything but came over and bent down to kiss his lips. Her soft lips on his with no other contact made his heart leap as well as his cock throb and pulse. She then leaned in closer and whispered into his ear, “reach your hand out and try to touch my pussy”. He complied but was met with a very large surprise. She was wearing a strap-on dildo and the huge cock felt overwhelming in his hand. He gasped but before he had a chance to speak, she whispered again but much more forcefully, “get on your knees, bury your chest into the bed and spread your ass for me. I am going to fuck you tonight and there is one rule, You CANNOT touch yourself- only I am allowed to”. The strength and confidence in her voice was so sexy and without hesitation he complied.

He rolled over and positioned himself just as she had demanded. He was at the edge of the bed, his knees planted firmly at the edge, his chest flat on the bed and his ass high in the air. He reached behind to spread his ass for her as that is what she demanded and he did not want to disappoint his lover. He sensed her generously lubing up her cock and waited in anticipation- it had been quite some time since she has been inside of him. He was still blindfolded which only lead to his other senses being heightened but what was killing him was her silence. She did not say a word and his heart was racing with anticipation, but then he felt her putting lube on his hole, preparing him to be fucked and he gasped as the surge of pleasure form having his hole so gently rubbed flooded his body. He knew what was coming but her command and silence was driving him wild.

Then he felt it, her cock pressed against his hole and she began to push and he felt himself open to her and release, physically and emotionally. The head pushed deeper and then popped through and he felt that surge of pleasure and pain at the same time. She sensed this and paused but then saw him pull his ass further apart and arch his back just a little bit more and she knew that meant he was ready. Again, no words were spoken but she started- long gentle thrusts at first as his ass adjusted to the thick cock she had chosen to fuck him with that night, but as she built up her pace and intensity quickly, he buried his face in the sheets as she thrust in and out of his ass hard. His mind was overwhelmed with the pleasure of her deep inside of him, filling him in the ways he normally filled her but he was also very dialed into the pain. It was that pain that almost made you want to cum but was still on that edge.

He was fully aware now of how she wanted him that night- she wanted him and was going to show him. Her hands were firmly on his hips and her fucking was relentless. The hardest and deepest thrusts he had ever experienced and she was not backing down one bit. He could feel her desire for him but still no words, just her feverish and intense fucking. Feeling her bury her cock to the hilt and that sensation of her hitting the top of him and feeling so full, then the deep draw out to the very tip left him feeling empty and then the long deep ramming back into him was driving him wild. He was tempted to reach under and stroke his cock but then remembered her command- no touching your own cock. How would he cum? Would she let him cum?

She was still working her cock in and out of him and was even fully pulling her cock out and then ramming it back into his wet hole. He had told her how much he loved that sensation of her cock popping in and out of him and she was torturing him with it now. Still no words from her as she had her way with him, but she could hear his deep moans and begging for more. He begged to be fucked, he begged for more cock, he begged to cum. He felt close many times as with this angle and intensity his prostate was being massaged just right but he could not quite cum but then it came. As she fucked him harder and harder she released one of her hands and reached under him and took hold of his cock. She still had lube on her hand and the combo of the lube and the pre-cum dripping copiously from his cock was just enough for her to easily stroke his cock. With all of this buildup and the intensity of her fucking he came almost instantly, releasing a flood of cum onto the bed and all over her hand. It was one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had and his legs just gave out from under him and he collapsed onto the bed with her still on top of him and inside of him.

As he lay there with his mouth open panting and moaning from what she had just done to him, she reached up with her cum soaked hand and placed her fingers into his mouth as she finally whispered, “I Love You”.

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