Andela BootCamp Day 1 : Stay hungry, stay foolish

In the tail end of a speech by Steve jobs to Stanford students. He advised them to, “Stay hungry stay foolish”. Simply put, stay eager. With this mentality, I approached the first day of bootcamp, being foolish and hungry for knowledge. Thus it was no surprise as my eagerness paid off.

The opportunity to grow my knowledge came in the form of the three tasks (or 5 depending on how you count.), for the day. The first were three assignments on programming logic. I completed the first two in good time, but had to sweet doing the third. For some reason two of the expected Test-Driven Development test (TDD tests), could not pass and I could not figure out the logic needed to develop a ‘function’ to pass these tests.

I posted my troubles on the social network Slack, whilst googling for answers. Turns out, google is not a friend, if you do not have the words to describe what you want. So my options were reduced to one; Slack.

It was a perfect scenario of having ‘a source with sources’. This was the case, since I was not the only one facing the problem. Guys on slack are ingenious, they came up with all Manner of solutions to beat the tests, only for the hidden tests to catch them pants down, never mind that as they gave out their suggestions, they asked for payment (Chapatis during bootcamp lunch- long story) for their troubles. However, I found something intriguing about Slack. The algorithms adopted to solve the same problem were so diverse. From this I benefitted a lot. I also gave out my suggestions hoping someone would also be challenged. I think doing something without being challenged by opposing ideas can make you oblivious of mistakes that you don’t know exist.

In the end I had to change my belief that the guys at Andela are perfect. Turns out that the TDD tests were in error. Ha, after all my troubles.

My second task was to create a real life object using Object Oriented Programming (OOP). For this exercise I decided to use “mwakenya”. I was listening to a Radio, I recreate it using OOP. It was a Good challenge as it provided an opportunity to practice OOP.

After finishing the Labs, came the small matter of uploading them using Git. For this I had to get back to square one and have a quick refresher course. After that, things were smooth sailing.

Lastly I had to write about my experiences. This was the easy part, just putting down what I had seen heard and done on a blog post.

That’s it, in the next episode: Day2.