Andela BootCamp Day3: An obstacle is often a stepping stone.

My focus on the first two days was on learning new things I needed to complete the tasks. In the process I gained a lot.

Into the third day, as is now becoming a routine. I had three tasks to do. In all the tasks, I had to learn something new before doing it. Slack has become a reflex. I jumped to it whenever I was stuck. I finished the tasks on time. But an obstacle emerged out of nowhere.

It was the submission of the labs. The Guys behind these Labs at Andela must be up to something. The lab on binary search, could not submit. It had several tests. Most of them wanted the index of an element of a list return as a positive index. But two, strangely require a negative index.

This was a big obstacle, I tried to reestablish the logic behind these tests but I could not get anything new. As the input data for the tests were positive integers, so you don’t expect radically different results.

Having had a case of labs test not working as per expectations before, I stated having doubts, I decided to ask on slack if anyone had manage to figure out the logic behind the tests before jumping to conclusions. Maybe I was missing something.

Everyone was getting these same errors two errors (some had more). The facilitator of the group I was in, came to our rescue, she asked us to post solutions on GitHub. I decide not only post the solution, but also post my own tests-talk of being a very good student.

In developing the tests, I improved my skills a lot. I guess the failed Tests were god given. I hope to get more challenges as we move on because to me, they are stepping stones.