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What if you don’t want to be a rock star?

Other cities treat their athletes brilliantly too. They also have wonderful homes in private communities that can be purchased near the arena and practice facility, near terrific schools and hospitals.

But the pressure of being the face of a franchise that’s the only show in town can indeed be a drawback. Some people might rather be just a member of the band. I’m not sure where Hayward falls in this equation. His apparent reluctance to take on a nightly heavy workload, his willing deference to Joe Johnson in clutch situatioms, suggests to me he’d rather be one of the guys rather than the face of the franchise. Locke’s pitch — future GM, head coach, “whatever he wants” — aren’t really things most players would want, and I’d be surprised if Hayward did want it.

Hayward might be more enticed to re-sign if he’s pitched as “a critical piece to the team they’re building,” rather than the guy with the keys to the kingdom. I wonder how the Jazz will sell him.

John Gonzalez this was an excellent article.

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