How To Build A Jaw-Dropping Body Even If You Are Busy As Hell

Kevin Rodrigues
Sep 23, 2017 · 8 min read

Do you think about it?

The amazing feeling of walking on a beach shirtless. Showing off your six-pack abs, big biceps, and broad shoulders.

You want to work out. You want to eat healthily. And you want the body of your dreams.

But you’re afraid.

You’re afraid to miss workouts because of your busy job. You’re afraid to miss quality time with your family. You’re afraid to miss out on social events.

And most of all?

You’re afraid to fail.

Maybe the thought of having an amazing body is just a pipe dream. Maybe you’re just an ordinary guy with a busy life who is having a fantasy.

So, you do nothing.

You focus on your busy job. You take care of your family. And when you have spare time maybe go for a walk in the park. All the while telling yourself it’s the best you can do.

But are you really?

There’s a frustrated voice in your head saying, “If only I had the time to build a great body”.

But don’t give up.

Because there’s a way. Even if you’re busy as hell.

Make Time For Fitness With This Proven Method

I’ll be honest.

You need to spend time on fitness. There’s no way around it.

But you don’t need a lot.

4 hours per week is all you need.

Why 4 hours? Why not 2? Or 6?

Because that’s the absolute minimum to build a great body.

You could use 2 hours per week and still build a great body but the results would take longer. And if you had 6 hours per week, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

4 hours per week is optimal to build a healthy, lean, and muscular body in the shortest possible time. That’s not a lot.

Just 2.38% of your week’s time.

You can find that time even if you’re busy as hell.

But if you still can’t. If you’re I’m-so-busy-I-can’t-remember-the-day busy, you need to make the time.


Try this 100% proven method.


Sacrifice the Game of Thrones episode you’re dying to watch. Sacrifice the party on Friday night. Sacrifice an hour of sleep to wake-up early.

That’s how you make time for fitness when you’re busy. You sacrifice something that is not important.

If you still can’t make time for 4 hours of fitness every week, ask for help.

Who can help?

Your family.

I asked my family and they helped me out. I told them I wanted to get fit. I told them I will sacrifice to get there. I told them I needed their help.

And they did what they could to help me. They did my chores. They cooked meals for me. They understood when I needed to go to the gym.

I can spend time on fitness thanks to their support.

So talk to your family. Make them understand why fitness is important to you. Show them you are dedicated to improving your fitness and need their help. I’m sure they’ll support you.

Who knows, they might even join you. Wouldn’t that be great?

Build Muscle With This Time-Saving Method

Want to build some muscle?

Spend 3 hours per week on strength workouts.

Can just 3 hours help build a big, muscular body?

Yes, they can.

3 workouts every week with 1 hour for each workout. Each workout is a full-body workout.

Full-body workouts use compound exercises that work out several muscles together. So you work out more muscles in less time.

There are a ton of workout programs out there. Which one should you choose?

The one that is expensive and peddled by some steroid freak?

Hell No!

Good workout programs are free, simple, and time-tested.

Don’t bother paying for one.

I recommend StrongLifts 5×5 because it’s simple, easy to follow, and gets you results fast.

Why only 3 days a week?

Because full-body workouts will kick your ass. You workout for just 1 hour but it’s intense as hell. So intense that you need a day to recover before the next workout.

Why’s it called StrongLifts 5×5?

Because you perform 5 sets of each exercise. And 5 reps in each set. That makes it 5×5.

With StrongLifts 5×5, you perform two workouts: Workout A and Workout B on alternate days.

For week 1, you perform Workout A on Monday, Workout B on Wednesday, and Workout A on Friday. For week 2, you perform Workout B on Monday, Workout A on Wednesday, and workout B on Friday. As you see, you need to alternate between workouts A and B.

The workouts use compound exercises: squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, and barbell rows.

Workout A and B are shown below.

Week 1:

Monday (Workout A) — Squat 5x5, Bench Press 5x5, Barbell Row 5x5

Wednesday (Workout B) — Squat 5x5, Overhead Press 5x5, Deadlift 1x5

Friday (Workout A) — Squat 5x5, Bench Press 5x5, Barbell Row 5x5

Week 2:

Monday (Workout B) — Squat 5x5, Overhead Press 5x5, Deadlift 1x5

Wednesday (Workout A) — Squat 5x5, Bench Press 5x5, Barbell Row 5x5

Friday (Workout B) — Squat 5x5, Overhead Press 5x5, Deadlift 1x5

See the videos below to perform the StrongLift 5×5 workouts.

Why does StrongLifts 5×5 work?

Progressive overload.

It means you try to get stronger with every workout.

Could you perform 5×5 for the exercise in your workout? Then in the next workout increase the weight by 5 lbs. So if you could squat 5×5 in the workout, increase the weight by 5 lbs for squats in the next workout. If you could bench press 5×5 in the workout, increase the weight by 5 lbs for bench press in the next workout.

StrongLifts 5×5 will make you stronger. And the stronger you get the bigger your muscles get.

Get Fit With This Quick Cardio Astronauts Use

Cardio sucks.

It’s great for cardiovascular health. It’s great to lose body fat. And it’s great to lower the risk of many diseases including cancer.

But it still sucks.


Because it’s boring as hell.

You have to run for hours on the treadmill.

And it takes a lot of time.

Busy people don’t have hours to spend on cardio.

But there’s another way. A better, faster, and fun way.

It’s a quick workout that NASA astronauts use to prevent muscle and bone loss.

It’s called high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

With HIIT, you perform high-intensity exercise for a period of time followed by low-intensity exercise or rest for a period of time. The period can be a few seconds or minutes.

What’s the difference between steady-state cardio and HIIT?

Let’s use running as an example.

With steady-state running, you run for the entire duration at the same pace. Your heart-rate may be around 70–80% for this duration.

With HIIT running, you sprint for a few seconds and then jog for a few seconds. You keep alternating between the sprint and jog till the duration of the workout. Your heart-rate should reach 100% during the sprint.

HIIT workouts can be done using running, walking, swimming, jump rope, and body weight exercises. Or a combination of these exercises. That’s what makes HIIT fun and interesting. You can use different exercises in your workout.

But is HIIT better than steady-state cardio?

According to Guy at Fearless Motivation, 1 hour of HIIT can burn as much fat as 7 hours of steady-state cardio.

Hell, even a single session of HIIT every week can improve your cardiovascular health.

This time-saving benefit of HIIT makes it ideal for busy people.

So how much HIIT should you perform?

A 30 minute HIIT session twice a week.

That’s all you need.

You could do HIIT with running, walking, swimming, biking, jump rope, body weight exercises, etc.

But I prefer body weight workouts because I can do them at home.

As Dan mentions on, body weight exercises are great because they can be done anywhere. And they never get boring because there are so many variations available.

Joe Wicks has some great HIIT workouts on YouTube. I’m using his absolute beginner workout to get started.

Remember progressive overload?

That also works for HIIT workouts.

HIIT works when you push yourself so your heart-rate reaches 100%. One simple way is to lower the low-intensity period of the workout by a few seconds after every couple of workouts.

I’m reading this book on HIIT and it has some good information I can use in my workouts.

Build Eye-Popping Abs Without Ab Exercises

Want six pack abs?

Save your time and don’t do ab exercises. Because they don’t work.

You know what works?

A calorie deficit.

What’s that?

Eat fewer calories than what your body needs. The body uses the additional calories from your fat stores.

That’s how you lose body fat.

Lose enough body fat and you can see six-pack abs. Assuming you’re a dude, you need to reach 10% body fat.

Is it possible? Hell, yeah.

Is it easy? Hell, no.

I’ve lost 18 lbs of body fat and have to lose a lot more to see my abs. But I’ll get there as long as I consistently lose body fat.

Follow these steps to get visible six-pack abs.

1. Calculate your TDEE

TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is the number of calories your body needs daily to maintain current weight.

It’s easy to calculate your TDEE.

Use this online TDEE calculator to get an estimate.

2. Calculate your calorie deficit

How many calories should you eat to lose body fat?

Eating 500 fewer calories than your TDEE is a good starting point.

So, for example, if your TDEE is 2000 calories, your calorie deficit is 2000–500 = 1500 calories.

3. Track the calories you eat

How many calories do you eat every day?

No. Don’t guess.

Install MyFitnessPal on your phone.

It’s an app that helps you track the food that you eat every day. Search for the food that you eat and add it to your daily diary.

You can track the calories you are eating. And be sure you are in a calorie deficit.

4. Track your progress

How to check if you are losing body fat?

A simple method I use is the weighing scale.

Once I wake up and take a dump, I weigh myself.

I do this every day of the week. And at the end of the week, I calculate an average.

If I lose weight, I continue eating the same calories as last week. If I don’t lose weight, I lower my calories by 100 for the next week.

Try it out. It’s simple and it works.

Track your weight till you reach 10% body fat. You’ll know because you’ll see your abs.

You Can Do This!

You want to build a big and strong body?

You can.

You want to get six-pack abs for the first time in your life?

You can.

You want to become the fittest version of yourself?

You can.

Will it be easy? No, it won’t.

At some point, you’ll want to quit. At some point, you’ll question yourself. At some point, you’ll be frustrated with your progress.

But never stop the grind. Never stop believing in the process. And most of all, never stop believing in yourself. Be one of the amazing people who never give up. And you’ll build an amazing body that will make other people’s jaws drop.

I believe you can do this.

So get started.

Just do it.

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