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Blegh — gotta be honest, I generally like to read criticism in order to enhance my enjoyment and/or understanding of the film. All this stuff does is make me want it to be over with so people will stop whining. I’m all for them casting Arabs in Arab roles. But, honestly, if you think Aladdin (which, I recently re-watched, and is a superb movie) is racially beyond repair, then I think you’re going to have some issues.

The reality is, they weren’t trying to make a “realistic” movie, any more than they were with France in Beauty and the Beast or The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Either way, I’ve gotta be honest, I think Disney deserves some credit. People complained they wanted non-blond, blue-eyed princesses, they did it. People complained they wanted female protagonists, they did it. People complained they wanted more fidelity to the reality of their source materials. They did it. People complained about casting people in accordance with the race of their characters. They did it. All while making movies that were really good.

I get that some people want the world to be how they want it, yesterday. But, that’s not reality. Give some credit where credit is due.

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