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I don’t know — depending on the years, I’m guessing the issue is partially getting locked in to Cousins. If you don’t think you want him to be your quarterback for the next 4–5 years, it’s hard to pull the trigger. Personally, it’s not clear that keeping Cutler around was the best idea, rather than letting him go. However, if they could get out of the contract within 3 years, I don’t see why you wouldn’t do it. The author’s right, the likelihood of finding anyone better in those three years is pretty low.

I am curious to see how this goes, though. Someone on The Ringer wrote an article mentioning that no franchise QB in their prime had made it to free agency (Some brought up Manning, but that was a slightly different scenario). Seeing Cousins go through hoops shows why. He’s kind or a rare test case, and, even though it’s not indicative of what would happen if a 29-year-old Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady hit the market, it’ll be interesting to see what teams are willing to bid.