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I really think critics who don’t like superhero movies need to be granted a reprieve from having to review them. I get that they’re pretty central to mainstream movies right now, but they’re basically a genre, and if you’re not that into the genre they’re gonna get old pretty quick. Personally, I love superhero movies, and I can watch mediocre ones and enjoy them. It would be a different story with Sci-Fi or straight action flicks. They’re fine, but if I had to review 8 Final Destination-like movies every year, I’d get a little cranky as well. The point is, in genre stories, you kind of have to enjoy the genre in order to really “get it.”

Anyways, the backstory of the villain in a superhero movie is central to comics, so I don’t know why it would be an issue in this movie (I haven’t seen it, so maybe it’s a little thick). It’s part of what elevates them from basic good vs. evil shtick.

This isn’t unique to Collins, who is a superb critic, but I’ve noticed it with a lot of reviewers.