calling CBS “wise” seems a bit … wrong
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I watched them. I think it really depends on what you’re looking for out of a tv show. Orwell wrote about “good bad poems,” which he described as 
“a graceful monument to the obvious.” I would call these decent bad television shows. Some things in them are obviously ridiculous (Kevin James and his wife seem incredibly incongruous. His wife in King of Queens was more attractive than him, but they made for a relatively believable couple. In addition, no one is nearly as big of a ninny as the ap developer fiancee, and no one would drop out of school to support their fiancee while he develops an ap. In the Joel McHale one, again, no one is that ridiculous, and it’s basically making fun of large tropes — albeit, I can’t deny that some of them rang a little true for me, even if they were absurd stereotypes. Either way, I don’t particularly buy McHale as a rugged outdoorsy type either. As for the Matt LeBlanc one, it just wasn’t very good, probably because LeBlanc is more of an actor than a comedian).

The premises were silly, and the characters somewhat ridiculous (which, I don’t know is a bad thing. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air had Geoffrey as a black, English butler who worked in complete coat and tails. One of the running jokes was making fun of Carlton for being stereotypically “white,” which was a huge caricature in itself. In Family Matters, taken at face value, Steve Urkel is basically a neglected child seeking out the Winslows as a surrogate family and constantly being rejected. Again, it’s comedy, it doesn’t have to be realistic.)

However, both of them are basically vehicles for the characters and, in the James one, there were some decent jokes here and there, and McHale’s show had the beginnings of a generational divide brought together story that could be all right as well.

Again, I think the question is similar to pop music. Is Britney Spears a good musician? Not really. Does she make some good pop music? Yeah.