I want to watch this show.
Alejandro Arturo

I’m watching the first episode right now. I found it strange that this is a long review that says almost nothing about the show. In short, so far (as I said, I’m only through the pilot) it’s pretty awful. Every character, and every joke, is overly dramatic or quirky. There’s very little chemistry, and they don’t seem to be doing much with the premise.

I like both Barrymore and Olyphant — but, it takes advantage of neither Barrymore’s warmth, nor Olyphnant’s mildly dangerous and wry allure. Both of them could be switched with nearly any bland actor and the show wouldn’t be much different.

Like I said, it could get better (sometimes it takes a show a few episodes to figure out what they’re doing) but as of right now it’s not great. It’s just way too generic and uses it’s premise as a lame crutch.

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