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It’s a little strange to me that people at a sports site, where one of the larger insights of the last 5 years has been not overreacting to small sample sizes, trying to do this with the Academy Awards. There happened to be several very good, deserving movies about black people this year. Last year, there really weren’t — the main two that people argued might have won something were Creed and Straight Outta Compton, both very good movies that were borderline at best.

Personally, I thought La La Land was pretty awful, liked Fences a lot, and thought Moonlight was very good but not as great as others seem to. That’s understandable — the reality is it’s pretty rare that my personal favorite movie wins (Boyhood, Hugo, etc…) and pretty common that a movie I think is overrated wings (The Departed, Birdman, etc…).

The fact is, it’s hard to pick the “best movie” every year. But, for the most part, I feel like they pick excellent and deserving movies and it’s a little unfair to call the Academy voting system broken just because they don’t get it perfect every time.

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