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Perhaps the reason this seems mainstream is because it is. Her exploration of the fringes of sex feels like an episode of HBOs Real Sex, which was risque in the 90’s, but not so much now. If she really wanted to explore the fringes of sex, she should check out Reddit and hit the Random NSFW button. There’s some genuinely deviant stuff on there. However, I wouldn’t bat an eye if someone told me they gone to an orgasm workshop.

As for the whole woman’s pleasure thing, again, I read Maxim magazine when I was a teenager (it’s gotten worse, but it used to actually be pretty good) and it taught me a bunch of the basics. I met actual women and gradually learned the tricks of the trade, like most people do. Anyone with an ounce of curiosity can find pretty good information on it as well, or at least the basics. Like anything, I don’t doubt there are clueless male lovers, but I don’t think that “society” is so unconcerned with female pleasure that we’re in need of a political movement.

And, if they’re really curious, they can check out this website, that’s based on a large scientific study into techniques for female pleasure and has tutorials on 12 basic techniques.

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