Thanks for reading, as always.
K. Austin Collins

Thanks for the in-depth response. I haven’t seen the movie, and most reviews seem to agree with you that it wasn’t very good. Furthermore, I obviously can’t speak to the specifics of whether the comedy was offensive in any way (of course, I would never argue that these tropes are never offensive). For the most part, I was using your article to make a more general point about something that concerns me, especially regarding criticism of comedy. As I said in another comment, others were upset about the premise of Rough Night, where the male stripper is accidentally killed. Again, obviously I understand that treating sex workers as disposable isn’t the most charitable plot point, but, if you really think about 3/4 of comedic plot points, you could say the same thing.

Anyways, thanks again for the response. As I’ve mentioned in my previous comments (and, as you might be able to tell by the fact that I often comment on your reviews), you’re one of my favorite film critics right now and I greatly appreciate your work.

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